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Free Useful Software

Some of our pages and downloadable files require the use of third party software. This page contains a list of links to many free third party software that may help you ustilise some of the information provided on our website.

Adobe PDF Reader

Word Processors

If you do not have Microsoft Word and do not wish to purchase it, consider some of the following free alternatives to assist you opening Word Documents.

Media Player Plug-ins (for video and animations)

Browsers (Macintosh or Windows)

Internet Explorer (Windows)

Windows 7

If your computer's oprating system is Windows 7 you should update your version of Internet Explorer to the latest version to take advantages of more of the open web technologies that the above browsers do.

Windows XP

If your Windows version is not Windows 7, consider downloading Internet Explorer 8 (or one of the non- Internet Explorer browsers above):

Internet Explorer 8 (or earlier) has limited support for the open web technologies other modern browsers support. If you wish to enable open web technologies in Internet Explorer download and install the Google Chrome Frame plugin for Internet Explorer.

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