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New Building

The university is currently undertaking the construction of a new building as part of the building's parameters the following environmental initiatives will be included:

  • High Performance Facade
    • High Efficiency Windows
    • Optimised Shading Design
    • Facade Integrated Air-Intakes for the Air Conditioning System
  • Underfloor Air Distribution System
    • 100% Outdoor Air System
    • High Efficiency for Heating and Cooling
    • East Occupant Control over Local Environment
  • Active Mass Cooling using Concrete Slabs
    • Silent Radiant Cooling
    • Extremely Low Energy Requirements
    • Provides high comfort and climate stability
  • Optimised Indoor Environment Quality
    • Low VOC and Formaldehyde Material Selection
    • 100% Single Pass Outside Air Supply
    • High Daylight Penetration
    • High Quality Artificial Lighting
  • High Water Efficiency
    • 5 Star and 6 Star Fittings
    • Rainwater Harvesting and Re-use for Toilet Flushing
    • Air Conditioning Plant Heat Rejection using Evaporative Systems (3C cooler)
    • Fire System Test Water Recycling
    • Sub-Surface Landscape Irrigation
  • Sustainable Transport Solutions
    • Cyclist Facilities for Students and Staff, including Secure Bicycle Parking, Showers and Lockers
    • Good Access to Public Transport (Tram and Trains)
    • Clear and Efficient Pedestrian Access to and from the Building
  • Renewable Energy Technologies
    • 5 No Building Integrated Wind Turbines
    • Gas-Boosted Solar Hot Water Heater
  • Sustainable Materials
    • Reduced Embodied Carbon Concrete and Steel
    • Recycling of Waste Materials

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