myVoice gives ACU staff the opportunity to have their say about ACU as a place to work and about a range of management practices.  myVoice was introduced in 2009 and was conducted again in 2011 and 2014.

The results from myVoice 2014 informed a number of changes across the University. See examples of some of the work that has been done to improve ACU as a place to work and to support ACU’s progress.

High level results for 2017

In 2017, more than 1500 continuing and fixed-term staff responded.  Casual and sessional staff participated for the first time, and more than 900 responses were received.   The volume of responses means that we can be confident that the survey results accurately represent the views of our staff as a whole.

Engagement of continuing and fixed-term staff is strong at 73%.  Areas of strength include understanding of ACU’s mission, awareness of our values, and relationships with co-workers.  The areas that have improved the most since the 2014 survey are safety and safety behaviour, learning and development, and executive leaders keeping staff informed about what is going on.

Engagement of casual and sessional staff is also strong at 85%. Areas of strength include job satisfaction, and diversity, inclusion and equal opportunity.

Staff briefings on the University-wide results were held on all campuses in July and August 2017. 

myVoice results and confidentiality

myVoice has been developed by Voice Project, an external research and consulting company which specialises in designing and administering surveys of this type across a variety of industries.  The University’s results are independently analysed by Voice Project.  Voice Project psychologists are bound by a professional code of ethics, and the processing methods ensure confidentially for any individuals completing the survey.

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