ACU campuses remain open and it is vital that the functions of the university continue.

From Monday 30 March the university has a clear plan to move to full online delivery of teaching and learning. While staff are required to undertake work in line with their employment arrangements, where this work can be done remotely it is encouraged.

This protocol outlines the process that applies to working remotely, how remote working applications will be considered and prioritised, the delegation to approve applications, how remote working arrangements will be managed including, expectations and accountability, and practical advice on how to work remotely and/or manage remote working arrangements.

Before you commence working from home, review the updated Working Remotely Protocols and checklist (DOCX) to ensure your home working space is set up in alignment with the checklist to reduce the risk of an injury and fatigue.

  1. The work of the university continues, and staff are required to undertake work in line with their employment arrangements.
  2. Staff should practice social distancing when working remotely and if undertaking work on a campus.
  3. While campuses remain open, staff should consider where they can work most effectively to ensure the university’s vital functions continue and are best supported.
  4. Staff are required to have internet access to work remotely and access to personal equipment including a home workstation. The university will not be providing equipment to work remotely.
  5. Staff are encouraged  to review the ‘How do I work from home?’ guidance on Service Central.
  6. You may be asked by your nominated supervisor or other relevant Manager, Senior Manager, Member of the Executive to provide updates on your progress against agreed work activities or outcomes.
  7. You will need to be available during normal business hours, or, hours agreed in line with your Working from Home Agreement.
  8. You should keep informed of university activities and monitor and respond to emails and communications in a timely manner, and, use video when participating in meetings as appropriate.
  9. Staff and Supervisors should review Tips for Working Better Whilst Working Remotely.
  10. The relevant Member of the Executive may identify you as Essential On-Campus Staff to attend your campus for a particular purpose.
  11. General enquiries can be directed to the ACU website FAQs.
Page last updated on 18/03/2020

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