Protecting Children and Vulnerable Adults Policy and Procedures

  • ACU’s commitments in relation to the protection of children and vulnerable adults;
  • ACU’s commitment to education, training and development of University members in the area of protecting children and vulnerable adults;
  • requirements and processes for approval and examples of ACU activities that are related to children and/or vulnerable adults;
  • risk planning and management requirements;
  • protocols for activities with children and/or vulnerable adults;
  • background checking requirements, particularly Working with Children or the Vulnerable Checks;
  • requirements for receiving consent from a parent or guardian for participation in ACU activities;
  • expectations in relation to reporting and responding to concerning behaviour towards children and/or vulnerable adults; and
  • roles and responsibilities of University members in relation to children and vulnerable adults.

The provisions of these Policy and Procedures comply with Australian statutory requirements and, above and beyond this, seek to establish best practice in relation to arrangements for protecting children and vulnerable adults.

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Aligned ACU policies and instruments

The Protecting Children and Vulnerable Adults Policy and Procedures is supported by other aligned ACU policies and instruments including but not limited to the following:

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