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The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) as a confidential counselling service that is available to ACU staff (excluding casual staff). The EAP can provide counselling sessions (in person or over the phone) to staff members and their immediate family who are facing personal and work-related issues. The service is free, voluntary and confidential.

Manager Support

The EAP also provides a support service to managers, team leaders and supervisors who are dealing with complex and emotional people management issues. Manager Support assists with situations that involve difficulties or problems in workplace communication, behaviour or performance. Manager Support is provided by senior EAP counsellors. The counsellor will gain an understanding of the workplace situation and then discusses with the manager the best way to deal with the issues. Possible approaches and strategies that are based are on principles of human behaviour, and evidence-based interventions are talked through.Manager Support, like counselling is a confidential service. The fact that a manager has used the service is treated as confidential together with whatever is discussed between the senior counsellor and the manager in a session.

Issues that can be addressed through Manager Support:
* Dealing with difficult employees;
* Managing an employee who is behaving unusually;
* Where there is a concern that an employee may self-harm;
* Managing an employee with substance abuse;
* Managing an employee with a mental health problem;
* Dealing with employee performance management issues;
* Communicating with an employee on poor work performance;
* Encouraging an employee to use the Employee Assistance Program

Managing groups or teams:
* Breaking bad news to employees;
* Dealing with organisational change processes;
* Managing a traumatic event in the workplace;
* Debrief following a communication with team;
* Facilitating team cohesion

For more information, view the EAP brochure for managers and leaders or visit the website. To access Manager Support call the EAP on 1800 818 728.

Page last updated on 23/01/2020

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