Terms of Reference

  • To provide advice and direction to the relevant University committees
  • To coordinate the work of such committees
  • To provide reports to Academic Board from such committees
  • To develop  and review policy for the administration and awarding of scholarships and medals
  • To oversee the review and implementation of academic regulations
  • To oversee and review the policy and procedures for the Calendar and Timetabling committees
  • To advise the University Teaching and Learning Committee and the University Research Committee on policy regarding admissions
  • To oversee the Admissions policy and procedures within the University


  • Academic Registrar (Chair)
  • DVC (S,T & L)
  • Chair of Academic Board or nominee
  • Executive Deans or nominees
  • Representative from the International Directorate
  • Two elected staff members from Academic Board
  • Chair, Courses and Academic Quality Committee or nominee
  • Chair, University Research Committee or nominee
  • Nominee of the Chair, University Learning and Teaching Committee
  • Student representative

Representatives should be appointed for two years, except for the student representative who will be appointed for a term of one year. Only half the elected representatives or nominees should be changed in any one year to allow continuity.

Page last updated on 23/01/2020

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