1. Periodically, to review academic dress for the University, including Senate gowns, graduation gowns, hoods and stoles;
  2. periodically to review regulations governing the form and occasion for the wearing of academic and other dress;
  3. to provide advice on the form of graduation ceremonies and other relevant public occasions;
  4. to advise on protocols for ceremonial occasions; and
  5. to consider matters in relation to honorary titles and make recommendations to the Vice-Chancellor and President to seek Senate approval in accordance with the Appointment of Honorary titles; Selection Criteria, Procedure and Nomination Forms; and
  6. to consider the alignment of honorary appointments with the strategic priorities of:
    1. Research Intensification, in particular: Research Capacity, Research Quality and Research Partnerships;
    2. Stakeholder Relations, in particular collaboration with Church, government, industry, staff, students, alumni, donors, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and the wider community.


  • Vice-Chancellor and President
  • Provost (Chair)
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research or the Pro-Vice-Chancellor Research as his nominee
  • Director, Marketing and External Relations
  • Executive Dean, normally for a term of two years, in turn
  • Academic Registrar
  • National Manager, Graduations and Protocols
  • Student representative nominated by the ACU National Student Association
  • Three academic staff members, for a two-year term, appointed in turn by the Faculties other than that currently represented by the Executive Dean
  • Two external members of Senate


The Committee determines and reviews its procedures and amends its Terms of Reference as it deems necessary. The Committee last reviewed its Membership, Terms of Reference and Appointment of Honorary titles; Selection Criteria, Procedure and Nomination Forms on 8 November 2016.

Date of establishment: 20 August 1999

Meeting frequency: As deemed necessary

Responsible Officer: Provost

Executive Officer: Governance Officer, Directorate of Governance

Page last updated on 23/01/2020

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