The Standards and Compliance Committee is responsible for ensuring that the University has a risk and standards-based approach to quality assurance. The Committee focuses on ensuring the learning, teaching and Higher Degree by Research (HDR) associated activities meet the requirements of external regulatory and quality assessments as well as sector best practice.

Terms of Reference

  • To review and assure that the University continues to meetthe requirements of the Higher Education Standards Framework and all other regulatory compliancerequirements;
  • To review and assure that the University continues to meet the requirements of the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) Standards for Registered Training Organisations2015;
  • To develop, improve and maintain a coherent quality assurance approach across all levels of the University;
  • To ensure ACU has effective mechanisms in place to manage and quality assure all aspects of student performance;
  • To develop and implement appropriate performance benchmarking guidelines and projects;
  • To oversee benchmarking across the University and compliance with Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) requirements;
  • To ensure equivalence in standards and compliance across campuses and between faculties; and
  • To provide regular reports to the AcademicBoard.


The committee will be constituted by:

  • Chair as appointed by the Chair of Academic Board;
  • Deputy Provost (Vacant);
  • Academic Registrar and Director, Student Administration (or nominee);
  • Chair of Academic Board;
  • Chair of Courses and Academic Quality Committee;
  • Pro Vice-Chancellor, Research;
  • Senior academic staff member from each Faculty as nominated by the Executive Deans;
  • Director of Learning and Teaching Centre (or nominee);
  • Director of Office of Student Success (or nominee);
  • Executive Director, ACU College (or nominee);
  • Pro Vice-Chancellor, International (or nominee);
  • Director, First Peoples and Equity Pathways (or nominee);
  • Director, Governance (or nominee); and
  • Director of Planning and Strategic Management (or nominee).

The Committee may co-opt additional members as required.


A representative from the Office of Planning and Strategic Management.


A quorum will be 8 members including the Chair.

Schedule of Meetings

Minimum of 2 times a year and as required.

The Committee may form sub-committees or working parties to assist it in its work. If such committees are formed, Academic Board needs to be informed.

The Committee has the power to approve motions by flying minute

Page last updated on 02/04/2020

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