The Committee will oversee the policy, procedures and processes relating to the award of Medals for Academic Achievement in addition to providing advice and recommendations to Academic Board.

Terms of reference

  • To oversee and review the Awarding of Medals for Academic Achievement Policy and Procedures.
  • To consider the recommendations for the award of Medals for Academic Achievement received from the Faculty Boards, in accordance with the Awarding of medals for Academic Achievement Policy and Procedures, and make recommendations to Academic Board for approval.
  • To receive and note the Executive Dean’s list from the Faculty Boards and report it to Academic Board, in accordance with the Protocols for the Executive Dean’s List and Executive Dean’s Commendation.


  • A Chair, drawn from the academic staff members of Academic Board, appointed by the Chair of Academic Board to serve a term of two years. The Chair is eligible to serve a maximum of two consecutive terms.
  • One academic staff member, from each Faculty, as determined by the relevant Executive Dean, each to serve a single term of three years.
  • Academic Registrar.


  • A quorum is constituted by a majority of members, which must include the Chair.
  • An academic staff member, appointed by the relevant Executive Dean, may act as a nominee, attend the meeting and vote on behalf of the respective appointed Member who is not able to attend.
  • At a meeting of the University Medals Committee, each Member (or nominee) who is present shall have one vote.


The Committee reviews its procedures as it deems necessary and recommends accordingly to Academic Board. Academic Board last reviewed the Terms of Reference and membership in February 2020

Date of Establishment: 11 December 1998 (refer to Academic Board minutes)
Meeting Frequency: One meeting in February each year
Responsible Officer: Chair, University Medals Committee
Executive Officer: Executive Officer, Chair of Academic Board
Date of Last Review: February 2020

Page last updated on 02/04/2020

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