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New cleaning contract for ACU

Cleaning products in a rackAll the chemicals used by our new cleaners are 3rd-party certified as environmentally safe and biodegradable.

On the 4th of February the Properties Directorate began a new cleaning contract with the Australian company Assetlink. This contract covers the Canberra, North Sydney, Strathfield and Melbourne campuses.

This new cleaning service has a number of advantages for the University, including achieving benefits of economies of scale with a single contract across all four campuses. Other benefits include the appointment of dedicated campus representatives on each campus, who monitor cleaning operations and ensure services are delivered to the highest standard.

The sustainability aspect of the cleaning contract is also very important and contributes towards meeting the University's sustainability targets for energy consumption and waste. This is part of a Properties Directorate focus on cutting the University's environmental impact and integrating sustainable practice into all its operations.

The environmental advantages of the new cleaning contract are multifaceted. ACU will dramatically cut its energy consumption, as the cleaners will now use energy efficient appliances and clean primarily during the day rather than at night. The new cleaners will also minimise their use of chemicals, and the chemicals they do use will be certified as environmentally safe. In addition to this, the new cleaners are required to assist all our campuses to achieve their recycling goals and to minimise their contribution to our waste streams.

The new cleaning contract is also tied in with a number of sustainable waste initiatives, such as the introduction of desk-top eco bins. These small bins replace the traditional under-desk bins in staff offices on a number of the campuses and are designed to encourage staff to recycle rather than throw all their waste into one large landfill bin.

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