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Classroom audits

Rohith Rao with a tabletSenior Technical Officer Rohith Rao coordinates the audits across all campuses.

Every Semester you may notice Properties staff walking around your campus conducting audits of all teaching spaces.

These audits last a week, and involve staff visiting the teaching spaces every hour between 8am-9pm and noting down how many students are present in each class.

The staff use specialised software on a tablet computer to capture this information in real time, allowing supervisors to monitor the progress of audits and manage resources efficiently.

Acting Director of Properties Dr Dana Skelin says these audits are essential, as they help Properties understand how teaching spaces are being utilised, which types of spaces are in high demand and where there is a shortage in terms of seating capacity.

This is important for space planning, as it allows Properties to factor future growth requirement by analysing audit information in conjunction with enrolment projections, course structures and teaching patterns.

The information is also useful to ACU’s Timetabling department, as it provides a snapshot of what is timetabled verses actual utilisation patterns.