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Desk-top eco bins come to North Sydney

Desk-top bins SydneyNairi Mozian from Campus Operations assembles the new desk-top bins before they are distributed to staff offices.

In April, Properties introduced small desktop eco-bins to staff offices on the main North Sydney Campus (including 40 Edward Street, 42 Edward Street and 3 Berry Street). This project is aligned with the Directorate’s strategic objective to increase recycling rates to 20% of total waste generated.

Over the last year ACU has substantially increased recycling rates, however there is still a lot of work remaining on this front. Half of all waste sent to landfill is recyclable, and a conscious effort by the ACU community is needed to assist in reducing this.

The removal of traditional under-desk bins and replacement with eco-bins is designed to facilitate a change in individual waste management practices. Rather than throwing all office waste in an under-desk bin, staff have to think about where the rubbish goes: paper recycling goes in the paper recycling box, all other recycling (such as cans, bottles and food containers) goes in the recycling bins with the yellow labels with only landfill items going in the desk-top bin.

Although the bins look small, most office waste can be recycled and the new bins are actually the perfect size for landfill waste such as tissues, food scraps and lunch wrappers. This is expected to result in a 25 percent reduction in landfill contributions, with effective management of recyclable materials being an added benefit.

Similar desk-top bin systems have already been introduced at the Melbourne and Strathfield campuses with successful outcomes in terms of reduction in landfill. In future, eco-bins will be progressively introduced across the remaining campuses, ensuring the University’s sustainability targets are achieved.