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MacKillop Campus repairs

Construction Work & Access Plan

Over the semester break Properties will be undertaking repairs to buildings on the North Sydney Campus. This work will be commencing at the end of November 2013 and will be complete by mid February 2014. The repairs will be predominantly to the James Carroll Building and the Vice Chancellery Building. There will also be some additional minor repairs around the campus.


It is a high priority to ensure the safety of staff, students and visitors to the MacKillop Campus.  All works outside will be managed by the respective contractor and will be fenced as part of WHS considerations.  Scaffolding will be assembled around the James Carroll and Vice Chancellery Buildings.  For your own safety, and to prevent interruptions to the works, no access to any work site or work areas will be permitted by staff or students. Safe access routes have been shown in the above image.


Construction vehicles will be on campus for the duration of building works and there may be some delays from time to time. During the semester break, the external car park will be occupied by contractors for delivery and site storage and will be a restricted area. The accessible parking will be temporarily relocated to the James Carroll basement.


There is no indication that there will be any disruption to any services on the campus; however we apologise in advance if there is any inconvenience caused.


A copy of the North Sydney Construction Work & Access Plan (pdf, 1.4MB) is available for download. If you require any clarification about these works please contact Michael Tuckwell Campus Operations Manager (acting) on:T: 9739 2962  M:0467 765 592