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Properties complete an ACU-wide energy audit

hand turning off light switch

The Properties Directorate recently completed a detailed energy audit across ACU to identify ways to reduce the University’s energy consumption and cut its environmental impact.

The audit involved technical assessments of all of the energy-using equipment on every campus, from computers, lights and kitchen appliances to building heating and cooling systems.

The results of the audit revealed several opportunities – both large and small - for the University to reduce its energy consumption. The audit also estimated the cost of implementing each of those opportunities, and found that their pay-back periods ranged from a matter of months, to several decades. Overall, the audit identified 104 potential projects that combined would cut ACU’s energy consumption by around 40% on present figure, for annual savings of over $900,000 but at a capital cost of $13 million.

Implementing every single one of those projects is deemed too expensive and in many cases, impractical and unnecessary. Instead, the Properties Directorate will now use this information to find the most cost-effective ways to reduce energy consumption at ACU – a complex process that will match the energy-saving opportunities with existing building plans and available budget. A final decision on the precise initiatives will be made during the final quarter of 2013.

The Properties Directorate is well on track to achieve the ACU strategic goal of cutting its energy consumption by 5% per square meter of floor space by 2014 (compared to a 2011 baseline). The anticipated energy saving initiatives identified in the audit will certainly help ensure that the goal is met.