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Waste and recycling at MacKillop Campus

North Sydney waste management

Properties is pleased to announce that the North Sydney Campus now diverts almost 70% of its waste to recycling and energy generation.

This is attributed to two reasons:

  • North Sydney has increased its recycling rates, with nearly 300 tonnes of bottles, cardboard, paper and cans recycled since the start of the year.
  • General campus waste is now sent to a bioreactor located in an old pit mine at Woodlawn, 250km south east of Sydney. This bioreactor accelerates the decomposition of landfill to quickly generate methane that is then captured and converted to electricity. This means that the campus’s landfill waste finds another life as a long-lasting source of low-emissions energy. If that waste were sent to a normal landfill, it would decompose slowly and release methane – a powerful greenhouse gas – into the atmosphere.