Educational design consultancy

Advice to support design, development and review of units and learning activities.

Educational Designers will work collaboratively with ACU staff but will not do this work for them. Priority of educational design consultancy will be given to work with the greatest impact or strategic importance, such as: teaching development grant recipients, faculty priority areas, support for groups of academics; support for groups of units; example units that will be used to inform redevelopment of other units; and building staff capacity within schools and faculties. There is an expectation that academics who receive educational design support will in-turn be able to assist their academic colleagues who have similar requirements

Educational design professional development

Prepared face-to-face and online professional development workshops that cover discrete topics in educational design and contributes to the building of a faculty's capability and capacity to deliver high quality, blended or fully online learning.

Topics shall be appropriate by time of the year, focus on ACU priorities, or be as a response to faculty demand. Potential impact on student outcomes, literature and Educational Designer availability will be considered when determining which PD will be provided.
Creation of educational design resources

Creation of resources that support improved educational design at ACU.

 These resources will be available on the Learning and Teaching Website or through a staff professional development portal.
Creation of educational activities

The creation of face-to-face and online educational activities

The building of an activity must meet one or more of the following criteria: The work is seen as strategic to ACU; The activity will act as an example of good practice for future activity creation; The act of creation provides professional development for the Educational Designer and therefore will improve future service by the Educational Design group, or to the academics involved thereby reducing future demand for comparable Educational Design support.
Educational innovation

Drive educational innovation at ACU.

Innovation may be driven through trialling, sharing and promoting new and innovative educational ideas, approaches, activities, systems and technologies; using a combination of insights from literature, educational innovation trends and conferences.

Educational design leadership

Project coordination. Project team membership. ACU committee membership.

Educational Designers may manage projects or be part of project teams designed to enhance teaching or educational design at ACU. They may be involved in committees around the universities to provide expert advice and collaborate with various ACU groups.
Management of the learning and teaching website

Manage the work required to maintain the learning and teaching website.

Work with ACU groups to ensure the Learning and Teaching Website is up to date and fit for purpose. Allocate website writing, review, design and editing work as appropriate.
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