The ACU Data Strategy aims to leverage our information and data to create opportunity, innovation and excellence.

Through the Data Strategy, ACU will deliver improved outcomes for students, staff and other stakeholders and gain significant commercial and operational benefits by better leveraging information and data to better understand the operation of the university, its students, staff and stakeholders.

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The Data Strategy program is organised into five interconnected focus areas:


Data quality management systems, processes and practices

To review and improve actual and perceived level of data quality management systems and practices. Data quality is an essential component of the overall data strategy, without which access to data delivers limited value. This focus area will explore, develop and support the implementation of initiatives to uplift capability and skills, embed systems, practices and technologies that support quality


Data governance policies and practices

To review and strengthen data governance policies, procedures and associated practices in keeping with contemporary industry standards and new or emerging regulatory requirements. Mechanisms to mitigate data breach risks and continuous improvement in cybersecurity. Data governance includes appropriate processes to ensure authorised users have access to the data they require and the environment of access controls or privileges.


Enterprise capability development

The provision of capability uplift strategies, such as training and awareness, to strengthen capability at ACU to leverage the value of its information assets, data products while observing data governance processes and policies. The enterprise capability development focus area also supports the capability development aspect associated with other focus areas.


Data driven decision making principles and culture

An institutional intelligence maturity survey and improvement program will be implemented. To develop, support and embed a culture of data-drive decision making, for the University to leverage greater value from its information assets, within a robust governance environment.

Information management

Data discovery, enterprise information architecture modelling, enablement of new data-centric technologies

Review and improve master data management, metadata management, delivery of an enterprise information architecture modelling, development or support for new (data-centric) technology development through a new technologies development blueprint which aims to help guide the University’s choice and implementation of new technologies.

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For more information about the ACU Data Strategy, contact:

Dr Omer Yezdani
Director, Planning and Strategic Management
Phone: 02 9739 2896


Page last updated on 10/09/2020

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