Need help in course review?

Course review committees and new course proposal committees can call on the Learning and Teaching Centre for support in developing and revising curricula. The various phases of this process are represented in Table 1 below.

  • This support often begins in workshops with the committee on curriculum and assessment design, and other topics as requested, before the review or new curriculum development phase starts.
  • During the consultative phase LTC staff can support committees in developing curriculum for the course review or new course proposal documentation, preferably drawing upon ideas from the initial workshops.
  • Lastly, LTC can review the final documents before the committees submit them to the Courses and Academic Quality Committee (CAQC) as part of the quality assurance needed for course endorsement through Academic Board or, for new courses, through Academic Board and Senate.

Before the LTC can help develop or critique unit outlines, the course rationale, course aims and course learning outcomes must have been developed. LTC staff can help the committee with developing these.

Table 1: From concept to approval

Options available Concept    <------------->    Approval
  Development and documentation
Proposal/review Meeting cycle Papers to CAQC
Workshops Y X X
Consultation Y X X
Committee meeting attendance Y Y X
Collaborative development Y Y Y
Advice/recommendations/referral Y Y Y

The LTC also provides support for the course implementation process after approval for teaching by Academic Board. This process and its various phases are represented in Table 2 below.

Table 2: From approval to teaching

Options available Document    <------------->    Delivery
Unit outlines Educational design
Academic developer Educational designer Academic developer Educational designer
Workshops Y N N N
Consultation Y N N Y
Meeting attendance Y N N Y
Collaborative development Y N N Y
Advice/recommendations/referral Y Y N Y


  • Arranged for whole committee, working parties or part thereof
  • Lead time of 2 weeks minimum required
  • Topics include constructive alignment and adult learning theory, safeguarding children, embedding Australian Indigenous Knowings, embedding Catholic Social Teaching, embedding internationalisation


  • Assistance with drafting of documents
  • Advice on pedagogical matters

Meeting attendance

  • Includes meetings with stakeholders, course concept meetings, subcommittees, curriculum development teams and LICs

Collaborative development

  • Collaborate with faculty staff in the development of curriculum documents


  • Document exchange and ad hoc advice, direction to LTC resources on curriculum design and pedagogy

As you can see, the potential for the LTC to provide highly specialised support throughout the entire process of curriculum concept design to implementation is significant. Due to high demand and limited resources, however, it is necessary to restrict the LTC’s levels of involvement in curriculum and assessment design in course review and new course proposal in accordance with the two tables above.

Page last updated on 03/02/2020

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