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Awards and grants

For enquiries about teaching awards and grants, email awards&grants.LTC@acu.edu.au

Curriculum design and assessment

For advice on course review and development and assessment design, email LTC@acu.edu.au.

Evaluation of learning and teaching

For all enquiries regarding Student Evaluation of Learning and Teaching (SELT) and Professional Experience (ProfEx) surveys, contact Evaluations.LTC@acu.edu.au

Graduate Certificate in Higher Education

If you have any enquiries about enrolling in the GCHE, please contact the Course Coordinator, Duncan Nulty, via GCHE.LTC@acu.edu.au

The course administration officer for the GCHE can be contacted on 02 9739 2142.

Introduction to learning and teaching

The Learning and Teaching Centre runs workshops for academic staff new to teaching at ACU, one series each semester. If your School requires a customised workshop, please contact Marie Fisher with your phone number and email.

For enquiries about the next scheduled offering of these workshops and registration, please email Orientation.LTC@acu.edu.au

Technology-enhanced learning

Technical support for LEO is available from the LEO Support Desk:

  • telephone: 1800 246 442
  • or via the LEO Support Desk webform

The LEO Guides is an online resource to help you navigate the technology-enhanced learning tools provided at ACU. The LEO Guides are constantly being refreshed to provide academics ideas, examples and instructions on how, why and where to use the tools.

For general queries about LEO and other technology-enhanced programs please contact eLearning.LTC@acu.edu.au

Faculty contacts

Faculties have staff who you can contact directly for advice and support on matters relating to learning and teaching. Faculty staff are experienced in educational design and eLearning. They can also provide advice about technology-enhanced learning (TEL) and professional development opportunities associated with teaching in TEL environments.

These staff will have the knowledge and experience to advise you about your Faculty’s strategic direction and practices in learning and teaching as well helping you implement Faculty and ACU learning and teaching policies and procedures.

Faculty of Education and Arts

Faculty of Health Sciences

Faculty of Law and Business

  • To be advised, Flexible eLearning Coordinator

Faculty of Theology and Philosophy

  • To be advised, Flexible eLearning Coordinator
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Learning & teaching

Please contact the Learning and Teaching Centre for professional development, resources and advice for your learning and teaching needs at ACU.

LEO support

Available 8am-10pm Sydney time, Mon to Fri,
9am-5pm Weekends and public holidays
Closed Good Friday and Christmas

LEO Guides
LEO Guides feedback