Customised workshops are available from our assessment specialists. These can be requested by individuals or teams (with permission of their heads of school).

Previous workshop topics include:

  • Authentic assessment
  • Designing effective assessment
  • Improving assessment practice
  • Assessing unit learning outcomes
  • Designing rubrics
  • ACU assessment policy
  • Good practice in assessment
  • Cunning tricks for setting fun assessment tasks

Who is it for?

Anyone involved in writing assessment.

What is the time commitment?

Workshops are customised to the needs of the individuals and teams.

When is it available?

By request, dependent on assessment specialist's availability.


  • "Thank you for your very thorough attention to the session on criterion based assessment....... I have done extensive curriculum development and planning as a faculty head in a school. Your presentation was the clearest and most informative I have heard in a long time."


For further information contact Dr Duncan Nulty or any other academic developers in the LTC.

Page last updated on 16/03/2020

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