Innovation, design and development

blended strategies

Blended learning strategies

Using blended learning to encourage the use of active, student-focused approaches.

Blended learning strategies

Blended and online learning case studies

Case studies of staff discussing their approaches to blended learning.

Blended and online learning case studies

Innovation in TEL

You may want to do something new with technology enhanced learning (TEL). Learn about what support is available.

I want to innovate in TEL

Technologies for learning and teaching

what is leo

What is LEO (Learning Environment Online)

An overview of our online learning ecosystem.

TEL overview diagram

Guidelines to enhance the use of LEO

What staff need to know and do to embrace Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) in their teaching practice.

Guidelines to enhance the use of LEO

Checklist for minimum expected use of LEO

The expected set of minimum features to be used in LEO within the three study modes.

Policy for expected use of LEO

Professional development and support

LEO guides

LEO guides

Self-help guides to support you in using LEO tools.

LEO Guides

LEO contacts

Who to contact for technical advice and TEL pedagogical advice

Getting help

TEL professional development

Workshops to support your technology enhanced learning and teaching development (select the TEL option).

What PD is available in L and T?
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Learning & teaching

Please contact the Learning and Teaching Centre for professional development, resources and advice for your learning and teaching needs at ACU.

LEO support

Available 8am-10pm Sydney time, Mon to Fri,
9am-5pm Weekends and public holidays
Closed Good Friday and Christmas

LEO Guides
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