As students have disparate levels of digital literacy, especially in a formal academic setting, they require support to participate effectively in their units.

The purpose of learner support and resources is to build the knowledge and skills to utilise relevant technologies, and to build critical thinking skills to analyse and evaluate information.


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Students require learner support and resources in using LEO tools and integrated technologies.

Implications for practice

  • Staff should ensure students understand why specific LEO tool(s) and integrated technologies are selected.
  • Requirements, procedures and guides for using technologies in LEO are communicated to students.
  • Student feedback is sought in order to identify any support gaps and continuous improvements are made.
  • Learner support and resources should aim to develop student confidence and skills in using technologies to investigate discipline subjects and communicate in a networked world (GA10).
  • Learner support and resources should be embedded in the learning material.


My responsibilities in LEO

LEO Student Orientation

LEO Guides for students

LEO Feedback tool: delivering simple surveys

Communicating through LEO 

Technology enhanced learning: learn about LEO and teaching online

Learner support and resources include links to relevant ACU resources.

Implications for practice

Learner support and resources will reflect the mode of delivery, the discipline area and its intended learning outcomes.

Students are directed to online support in:

  • ACU academic skills support
  • LEO guides for students
  • University policy and procedures
  • Assessment policy
  • Academic Integrity and Misconduct policy.


Academic skills on LEO

Academic skills unit: student support services

Library subject guides

Library research guides

LEO guides for students

ACU policies on students

ACU assessment policy and assessment procedures

ACU academic integrity and misconduct policy

Students with disabilities are informed of support for learning accessibility issues.

Implications for practice

  • Students are directed to appropriate support services and resources for learning accessibility issues.


Disability services: supporting students with special needs

Disability services contacts

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Learning & teaching

Please contact the Learning and Teaching Centre for professional development, resources and advice for your learning and teaching needs at ACU.

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