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Select the links below for more information about implications of practice for the various presentation principles.

Staff should use approved faculty template/s which encompass good practice in online visual design and consideration of usability principles.

Implications for practice


Use of Faculty Templates (DOCX, 56.16 KB)

Learner experience should feel seamless and any tools and resources (within or external to LEO) are well integrated into the unit.

Implications for practice

  • Best practice technology enhanced learning recognises that navigation through the content and learning activities should not be overly complicated.
  • Where possible, staff should aim to reduce the number of clicks learners must perform in order to access the material.


The book and lesson tools in LEO allow students to access their learning materials and activities easily with a minimum number of clicks. Moreover, book and lesson provide simple and effective navigation, with book providing the additional functionality of automatically creating a hyperlinked table of contents. Lastly, both tools allow you to embed images, links, video (and other objects for which you have the embed code) directly into its pages, which makes for a seamless learning experience. 

Teaching Online > Using technology tools for teaching online

Unit 2: Developing, delivering and curating content

Units/Courses should address student expectations with respect to a consistent ‘look and feel’, have similar unit components arranged in a way that are easy to locate and clearly identifies what students can expect from the unit.

Implications for practice

  • Unit design should make the components of the LEO unit clear, for example: where students start, communication, resources, assessment and modules.
  • Unit design complies with accessibility standards and incorporates Universal Design for Learning e.g. creating materials, and assessments that work for everyone - not a single, one-size-fits-all solution.
  • It is standard practice at ACU, that all lectures timetabled in lecture capture enabled venues, are recorded and made available to student on the relevant LEO unit sites. However, it is acknowledged that some lectures may need to be excluded from being recorded in certain circumstances such as clinical, cultural or indigenous sensitivities. Refer to the Lecture capture policy.


LEO guides

Universal design for learning

National center on universal Design for Learning > What is UDL?

Teaching online > Designing and developing your online course

Unit 2: Things to consider before you start designing your course

Staff apply best practice principles in line with Australia’s legal framework for the use of learning resources in the educational context.
Unit presentation upholds accessibility standards and acknowledges that students will interact with the unit material in diverse ways.

Implications for practice

  • Copyright works include a wide range of material including books, journals, magazines, websites, poems, newspapers, data forms, lyrics, art, photos, sculptures, digital images, graphic art, memes, maps, plans, music, apps, games, desktop packages, network packages, website applications, television, online videos, movies, YouTube clips, Vimeo clips, and advertisements.
  • Staff should ensure they model best practice for online referencing and attribution for students at all times. This is also important under all our contract licences and moral rights legislation.
  • When using ACU created material identify it, and place a copyright notice on the material: ‘© Australian Catholic University [Year]’.
  • ACU encourages the use of open access learning resources when appropriate. It provides a cheaper alternative for students, and enables access to materials upon completion of their courses.
  • Links to reference material should always contain a full and accurate citation, this ensures if the link is broken, students can still locate the items.
  • Copyright written works extracted from hardcopy books, magazines, journals, needing to be scanned  or internet must be forwarded to the Library to ensure that ACU meets its Part VB copyright licence requirements.  This includes the Library applying an Electronic Use Notice to the readings as required under the licence.
  • Staff should be aware of basic accessibility standards.
  • Where alternative formats of online readings may be required for students registered with ACU as having print disabilities, staff can contact the library for further assistance.


Copyright for teachers

Linking to online resources


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