There are different types of video assignments, so use this guide only if your lecturer has pointed you to this page.

As video files are often too large to upload directly to LEO assignments, you should:

  1. Upload your video to a streaming video platform such as Echo360, Kaltura, YouTube or Vimeo (as directed by your tutor)
  2. Add a link to or embed the video in the Online Text submission option in your assignment.

Videos can be created in a number of different ways, such as using a video camera or your smartphone. Most video types can be uploaded to any of the above systems. ACU also has some tools to help with video creation and management:

  • Echo360 can be used to upload and store videos, and you can download Echo360 Universal Capture to create videos on your computer.
  • Kaltura can be used to upload videos into LEO My Media, and you can download Kaltura Capture to create videos.

How to submit an Echo360 video for an assignment

Firstly, upload the video into Echo360:

  1. Log into (if this is your first time using Echo360, continue to step 2. If not, proceed to step 4)
  2. If this is your first time logging into Echo360, it will ask for your email address. Please type-in your student email address with your name, not student number. Then, click the Submit button.
  3. When prompted by a username and password dialogue box, enter your ACU username and password and click "OK".
  4. Once you are in the content library, click the Create button and choose the Media Upload option.
  5. Select the video file(s) you wish to upload, then click the Upload button. Videos may take a while process, and you will not be able to watch them until it is complete.
    Note: If you have created a video using Universal Capture, your video should be already uploaded and available in your Echo360 library.

Then, create a link to the video:

  1. Hover over the video and click the menu button that appears, then choose the Share option.
  2. Click the Links tab at the top of the window, then click the Add Link button.
  3. Enter a Description for your link, such as "Assignment 1 Submission", and disable the Public Access option.
  4. Click the Copy button to copy the direct link to the video - you will need this link to paste into your assignment submission.

Finally, submit the link as your assignment submission:

  1. Log into LEO, navigate to your unit, and click the link to your assignment.
  2. Click the Add submission button.
  3. In the Online Text box option, paste the link you copied previously.
  4. Click the Save Changes button to complete your assignment submission.

You tutor will now be able to click this link to view your video in Echo360.

How to submit a Kaltura video for an assignment

With Kaltura, you can upload your video to LEO in advance and select it when following the steps below, or upload it when adding your submission.

  1. Log into LEO, navigate to your unit, and click on the link to your assignment.
  2. Click on the Add submission button.
  3. In the Online Text submission option click the Embed Kaltura Media button (the last button on the first row):
    Embed Kaltura Media
    A popup window will appear that displays your My Media Library.
    • If you have already uploaded your video into your My Media Library, it will appear in your list of videos. Skip to step 9.
    • If you need to upload a new video file into LEO, continue on to step 4.
  4. Click the Add New button and select the Media Upload option:
    add new media upload only
  5. Click the Choose a file to upload button.
  6. Select the video file from your computer that you want to submit.
  7. The file will begin uploading, and the status of the upload is shown as a progress bar. When the upload is complete, the status turns green and the message "Upload Completed" appears.
  8. Edit the name, description and tags (optional) for the video, then click the Save and Embed button:
  9. If you are using an existing video, you may need to select a size for your video. For the video in the list you wish to use, click the drop-down arrow next to the Select button and choose one of the size options, or just click the Select button to choose the default size.
  10. On the following preview screen, click the Embed media button in the bottom-left of the window (this can be hard to read):
    Embed Media Button
  11. You will be taken back to the Online Text box. The video name appears here in a single line of text as a link. Click the Save changes button to complete the assignment submission:
    Save Sub Changes Cancel
  12. You should now see the video preview in the Submission status section of the assignment link. If your video is large, it may still be processing, and you may see a "Video processing" animation temporarily until it has finished.

Your tutor should now be able to watch your video in the assignment dropbox.

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