Using the Active Learning Platform (ALP) you can create presentations comprising of content and activity slides to use in-class, and use the features of ALP to encourage participation and gather feedback from students while presenting.

Adding a new presentation to a class

  1. In ALP, on your list of classes, click the 'Plus' icon for the class you wish to add a presentation to, then choose the 'Add presentation' option:
  2. On the Add a presentation popup window, click the 'Create a new presentation' option.

Adding your content slides from PowerPoint

ALP enables you to upload a PowerPoint file and use these slides within your ALP presentation.

  1. Click the 'Add slides' button in the top right corner of the screen:
  2. Click the 'Upload slides' button and use the popup window to choose a PowerPoint file to upload (see Adding slides of different types below for information on the other options).

An "Imported slides" preview panel will appear the bottom of the screen. It may take some time to process your slides. When ready, slides will be shown here for you to choose from:

  1. Click a slide to select it, then click 'Move selected to presentation' to add the slide to your new presentation:
    Slides being selected and moved

With the Preview Panel you can:

  • Select all slides to move by clicking the 'Select all' button.
  • Select specific slides to move by clicking one slide to select it, holding down the Control (Command) key, then clicking additional slides to select them as well.
  • Delete slides using the 'Delete' button, which removes them from the Preview panel (it does not delete the slide from your Library, just the preview).

You may also import more slides from another source into the preview panel using the 'Add slides' button again.

Editing your presentation slides

After choosing your slides from the preview panel and moving them to your presentation, your presentation should appear in the main part of the page with each slide you've added:

The presentation preview
  • Rearrange the order of slides by clicking and dragging a slide to a new position in the slide order.
  • Delete slides by clicking them to select them, then clicking the 'Delete' button.
  • The Presentation will automatically save as you add and delete slides, or after rearranging them.

Adding an activity slide

  1. Click the 'Add activity' button at the top right of the screen:
  2. Choose an activity type from the list of available types:
    A list of the activity types available

    Each activity allows you to ask a question, and:

    • Multiple choice: create a list of optional answers with a single correct response.
    • Short answer: allow students to answer using a short written response.
    • Image quiz: allow students to answer by selecting a part of the image as an answer.
    • Ordered list: ask students to put items in the correct order.
    • Numerical: answer with a number that is exact or within a certain range.
  1. When the popup box appears, complete the settings for the activity and click the 'Done' button when finished.
  2. Move the activity slide to the point in the Presentation where you wish it to appear. Activity slides may be moved around just like content slides (see Editing your Presentation slides above).

Previewing, editing, and removing presentation slides

In the presentation preview, you can hover over a single slide and access three options for that slide, using the icons that appear over the slide thumbnail preview:

Presentation slides view
  • Edit details: click the 'Pencil' icon to open the settings for that specific slide (Activity slides only).
  • Full screen preview: click the 'Box' icon to show the slide in full screen as it will appear to students.
  • Delete: click the 'Cross' icon and confirm to remove this slide from the Presentation.

When your presentation is complete

When you have added all the slides for your Presentation, you can return to the list of Classes by clicking the 'Back' arrow next to the title of your Class, at the top left of the screen:

You should now see the class listed with a green 'Presentation' icon:


You can click this icon to bring up a menu with presentation settings and options (see Changing class presentation settings below).

Note: previously created presentations are saved in your personal library, so you can reuse them if you wish.

The Presentation menuWhen view the list of Classes in ALP, you can view and modify the Presentation attached to a Class by clicking the green 'Presentation' icon associated with that Class.

In the menu that appears, there are several options that will be available:

  1. Preview, Title and Status: there is a slide preview, title of the presentation, and whether it is currently available to students.
  2. View: open the Presentation in full screen. Use this option if you are presenting it in class.
  3. Create copy: duplicate the entire Presentation and save it in your Library.
  4. Details: view details, publishing and sharing options, as well as additional functions.
  5. Edit description: change the title and description of the Presentation.
  6. Edit presentation: edit the details and content (slides and activities) in the Presentation.
  7. Make unavailable: choose this option to hide the Presentation from students until you are ready for them to see it. When unavailable, click this option again to show make it available again.
  8. Availability settings: you can choose this option to set specific dates during which the Presentation will be available or unavailable to students.
  9. Remove: detaches the Presentation from this Class. This does not delete the Presentation from your Library (you may still use it for another Class later), however it does delete any information students may have left when interacting with it (notes, discussions, access data, etc.)
When creating or modifying a presentation, you can click the 'Add slides' button to add slides in other ways:

The Presentation Types

  • Upload slides: Upload directly from your computer.
  • Import from library: access slides from any previously uploaded files or presentations you've created.
  • Create a media slide: create a slide that contains one image, either uploaded, from your library, or located somewhere online.
  • Create a blank slide: a blank white slide that cannot be modified.

Upload slides

Add content slides from a PowerPoint file (see Adding your Content slides from PowerPoint above). Content slides cannot be edited in ALP, they should be designed in PowerPoint before being uploaded.

Import from library

As with the Upload slides function used in the example above, importing from the library will add all available slides for the item you select to the preview panel. You can choose slides from previously uploaded PowerPoint files, or entire presentations you've created previously in ALP (including activities).

Create a media slide

A media slide has two options:

  • Upload an image:
    • Select this option and click the 'Choose file' button to choose an image to upload from your computer.
  • Enter URL:
    • Image: enter the direct web address to an image. This must be the address of the image itself, not the web page the image appears on).
    • Video: for embedding streaming video from sites such as YouTube, you should provide the direct web address of the video itself.
    • Website: enter the website address in here. This will not create a preview of the page, but will create a clickable link to the site.

Create a blank slide

Blank slides cannot be modified in any way, and can be added as a way to show "nothing" on the screen at a specific point in the presentation, if you require.

When using images or video in content or media slides in Presentations, ensure that you understand the copyright laws surrounding the use of copyright material. See Copyright for teachers from the ACU Library site for more information. In most cases it is fine to show videos in class, but you should not include them as part of a recorded lecture (either by pausing the recording or editing them out).

Page last updated on 23/01/2020

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