You can upload video files from your computer or device for use in your units. The most common are video files such as mp4, wmv or avi, however you can also upload a PowerPoint presentation or image.

  1. Log into with your ACU email address. If visiting this site for the first time you may have to fill in your ACU username and password.
  2. Once you have logged in successfully you will be on your library home page. At the top left of the page you will see options for Upload, Courses, All Content, My Content etc. Click the Upload button:
    The Upload button in your library
  3. A panel will open that asks you to select files using the Blue Document Icon, or your may drag and drop your video file from the Explorer window into the box:
    Select a file screen
  4. Once you have placed or chosen your file/s, press the Upload button on the bottom right hand side of the box and your files will be uploaded to your library. It may take a while to upload large files as Echo needs to process these files before they can be used. Refresh your browser if your upload is taking a long time.
    Click the Upload button

Once your files have been uploaded and processed, they will appear under the "My Content" tab in your library.

Page last updated on 25/03/2020

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