Several tools that you can use in your LEO units utilise the External Tool activity to connect to these systems. The tool is sometimes referred to as an LTI link (LTI is an acronym of "learning tools interoperability"). The External Tool creates a text link in your unit that then allows users to access the chosen tool interface.

How to add an External Tool activity

  1. Navigate to your unit in LEO and click the Turn editing on button.
  2. In the section where you wish to add the activity, click the Add and activity or resource link.
  3. From the activity chooser window, select External Tool and click the Add button.
  4. Select the required tool from the Preconfigured Tools dropdown box (see information below).
  5. Modify any additional settings on this page that you wish, then click the Save and return to unit button to save your changes.

When users select this link in your unit, it should launch the interface for that tool, either embedded in LEO or in a new window. You can change how this link is opened by clicking the Show more... link below the Preconfigured Tool dropdown box, then choose an option from the Launch Container setting.

The Preconfigured Tool options

Echo360 Lecture Capture - link to automatically recorded lectures and streaming media:

Reading List - create a Leganto reading list for your unit:

H5P - dynamic content and activities for your units:

ACU Unitpulse - run ongoing unit evaluation:

24/7 On-demand Support - assignment support for students:

Secure Exam Proctor

WileyPLUS and Cengage Learning Mindlinks:

  • See information below.

The External Tool can also be used to connect to the WileyPLUS and Cengage services.

  1. Follow the steps above to add a new External Tool to your unit.
  2. In the settings, from the Preconfigured Tool dropdown list, choose WileyPLUS or Cengage Learning Mindlinks:
    WileyPLUS and Cengage options in tool menu
  3. Click the Show more... link to open the additional settings.
  4. Paste the custom parameters supplied to you by Wiley or Cengage into the Custom Parameters text box:
    The custom parameters text box
  5. Click the Save and return to unit button to save your changes.

Users should now be able to click the link in your unit to open Wiley or Cengage.

Page last updated on 16/06/2021

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