The Folder resource acts as a container for files, which may include document types such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, or image files. Using a folder, you can group a number of files together that are accessible via a single link in your LEO unit.

Using sub-folders, you can create an organised, hierarchical list of documents for students to download either individually or as a collection.

Folder resourceHow to add a Folder to your unit

  1. Navigate to your unit in LEO and click the Turn editing on button.
  2. In the section where you want to add the folder, click the Add an activity or resource link.
  3. In the activity chooser, click the Folder option.
  4. Give your folder a meaningful name. This name will be displayed in your LEO unit as a text link.
  5. Add your files into the Content window:
    • You can drag and drop your files from your Explorer window (Windows) or Finder window (Mac) into this area and they will be uploaded automatically:
      folder drag and drop 
    • You can also click on the Add File button and choose the Upload File option to find and select files on your computer or device to upload:
  6. When finished, click the Save and return to unit button to save your folder and return to your unit.

Your Folder will now be displayed as a link in your LEO unit.

Note: You can save a folder with no files in it, then edit the settings of the resource later to add files if you need to.

You can edit the details of a file within your folder:

  1. Edit the settings of your Folder.
  2. Click the name or icon you wish to edit.
  3. In the popup that opens:
    1. Modify the file settings: you may edit the name, author or copyright settings, then click the Update button to save.
    2. Click the Download button to save a copy to your comptuer.
    3. Click the Delete button to remove the file from the folder.
    4. If you are using sub-folder, you may use the Path option to choose a sub-folder to move this file to.

Important note: If you are changing the name of a file, make sure the file extension (such as ".docx" or ".pdf") remains as part of the file name, otherwise your users may not be able to open the file on their computer.

Remember to click the Save and return to unit button after making changes to your Folder resource.

You can create folders inside your Folder resource (referred to below as sub-folders) to organise the files if you wish.

How to make a sub-folder

  1. Click the Create folder button in the Files window in the folder settings:
    Create folder button
  2. In the popup window, enter a folder name and click the Create folder button.

This sub-folder will appear in the list of files. Each sub-folder will have a menu button (three vertical dots icon) that you may click to edit the folder settings or delete the folder.

How to add files to a sub-folder

Adding files to a sub-folder is similar to adding files to the main folder resource:

  1. Firstly, click the sub-folder icon to navigate to that sub-folder.
  2. Drag and drop files into the content window, or click the Add File button to upload a file.

Files you add to the content window after navigating to the sub-folder are automatically added to that sub-folder.

Viewing the folder structure

  • Click the Display folder as file tree button to view the hierarchy of the file and folder structure, for example:
    Display folder tree
  • You may also use the other display options, the Icons or Details buttons, to view the folder structure in other ways.

If you are going to be reusing the files contained in your Folder in multiple LEO units, you may want to consider storing your files in an item in Equella (LEO Content), rather than uploading the same content multiple times. Storing your files in Equella allows you to update them in a single location, which allows you to update them in one location rather than several if you need to.

To learn more about Equella, please see LEO Guides: Equella (LEO Content).
Page last updated on 11/03/2021

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