my media navigation linkYou can view and manage all your Kaltura media in the My Media section of LEO. The My Media section allows you to manage all the videos, images and presentations you have added in any units in LEO and allows you to add new media or edit existing media items to your media library. Through My Media, you can also make your media accessible to a specific unit's Media Gallery section via the Publish function.

Log in to LEO, then from the LEO home page choose the 'My Media' link under the 'Dashboard' link in the Navigation menu.

The My Media page

On the My Media page you will see a list of your videos in your Kaltura media library, displayed by most recent first.

my media page

From this screen you can perform various actions on existing media, or add new media to your library:

  • Add new media using the 'Add New' button (see the LEO Guide on How to upload and add a Kaltura resource).
  • Edit the details of specific media by clicking the Pencil button associated with that video
  • Delete media by clicking the 'Trash Can' icon associated with that video
  • Sort the list of media by clicking the 'Sort by...' option and selecting a specific method of sorting
  • Filter for media of a certain type using the 'Filters' button and checking the relevant boxes
  • Search for specific media by using the 'Search' box (see Searching and Filtering below)
  • Perform bulk actions using the 'Actions' button (see the Using Bulk Actions section below)

Using the Search

  1. Click in the 'Search my media' box and type your search query:
  2. Wait 2 seconds after you finish typing for the search to begin automatically.

You will notice a blue loading bar appear as the search is performed, then your results will appear in the list below. You can click the 'Blue X icon' to clear the search and return to showing all media in your library.

Using Filters

Filters will allow you to find videos of a certain media type, publishing status or ownership, such as showing only videos or only images, published or draft items, depending on which filters you choose.

  1. Click the 'Filters' button, which will collapse a Filters Panel in which you can choose your filters:

    (You can also use the 'More Filters' button to scroll between types of filters, such as duration or last updated.)
  2. Click the checkboxes for the filters you wish to apply. You will see a loading bar while the filter is applied, and the My Media list will update with any media that matches your filters.

To reset the filters and show all your media again, click the 'Clear All' link at the bottom right of the filters panel.

To hide the Filters Panel, click the 'Filters' button again.

Bulk actions allow you to publish or delete several videos at once.

Select multiple / all videos

  1. Select the videos you wish to perform an action on by checking the left-hand checkbox for each video (to select all videos in your library at once, click the checkbox at the top above the list and all boxes will be checked):
  2. Click the 'Actions' button to access the bulk actions available to the selected media.

Bulk delete media

  1. Choose 'Delete' from the 'Actions' menu and confirm. Your selected items will be removed from your library.

Bulk publish media

  1. Choose 'Publish' from the 'Actions' menu. This will load the Publish interface that is similar to the normal option available when publishing a single piece of media.
  2. Ensure the 'Published' option is selected at the top, then check the boxes for each unit you wish to make this media available to:
    Galleries selected from list
  3. Scroll down and click the 'Save' button at the bottom of the screen. You will receive a confirmation message at the top of the screen if successful.

Media you publish to units will then appear in each unit's Media Gallery (at the bottom of the Navigation menu for the unit):
Kaltura Media Gallery link in menu

Kaltura will stream your videos in its own playable format, at a quality that matches the user's internet speed. In some cases, this may degrade the quality of the video slightly to keep it streaming.

While Kaltura will keep the original uploaded file, you should keep copies of your raw video material on your computer, on portable media (such as USB sticks), or saved in cloud-based storage. Preferably, if your material is important to you, you should store it in all three.

Local computer storage

Keep a copy of your video files organised in folders on your local drive (My Documents folder, for example). Or you can save directly to the ACU H: drive in your personal storage, if you wish to access from other places in the ACU network.

Removable media

USB sticks may be a good portable option, and can also be used simply as a backup stored in a desk drawer. If you have a CD or DVD burner, you may wish to write your original video files to disc as well.

Cloud storage

Online file storage (or "cloud" storage) can come in many forms that you have probably encountered, such as Cloudstor, Apple iCloud, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, or Dropbox. Most of these services have a free space option that you can use. However, if you wish to save many large video files, you may want to invest in a paid upgrade for more storage and better data recovery.

Page last updated on 27/03/2020

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