Questions can be added to a quiz by editing the quiz activity and then:

  • Creating a new question
  • Choosing a question from the question bank
  • Adding a random question from the question bank

If you have not yet created a quiz, please see LEO Guides: How to set up a quiz activity.

How to add a new question to a quiz

  1. Click the name of your quiz in your LEO unit.
  2. Click the Edit quiz link in the Quiz Administration menu:
    Edit Quiz link in menu
  3. Click the Add link, then choose a new question:
    Selecting a new question
  4. From the popup box, choose a question type, such as Multiple Choice, then click the Add button.
  5. The settings page for your new question will open. These settings are different depending on the type of question chosen and determine possible answers, correct answers, and feedback users will receive. You will need to customise settings such as:
    1. The question name (this is just for your reference)
    2. The category of the question bank that the question should appear in
    3. The question text (this is the specific question the student is being asked to answer)
    4. The default mark (the maximum possible score for answering correctly)
    5. Possible answers (in the case of multiple choice questions) and the grade awarded for each answer as a percentage of the default mark (e.g. 100% is correct, No Grade is incorrect, 50% is partially correct), or the correct answer
    6. Individual feedback given for each possible answer (if applicable)
    7. Combined feedback (overall feedback) given when completing the question for correct, incorrect, or partially correct answers
  6. When you have completed customising the settings for the question, click the Save Changes button to save and return to your quiz.

You can also click the Information infoicon icon next to each setting to learn more about it. For more information about the question types and the settings for each type see Moodle Docs 3.5 - Question Types.

How to add a question from the question bank

If you have already created your questions in the question bank, you can add them to any quiz activities you create.

  1. Click the name of your quiz in your LEO unit.
  2. Click the Edit quiz link in the Quiz Administration menu:
    Edit Quiz link in menu
  3. Click the Add link, then choose from question bank:
    Add from question bank
  4. In the popup box, firstly select the category you wish to add questions from using the Select a category dropdown box.
  5. Check the box for each question you wish to add, then click the Add selected questions to quiz button.

You will then return to the quiz editor where your selected questions will have be added to the quiz.

How to add a random question to a quiz

Adding a random question item to a quiz will make the quiz pull one random question from the selected category when a new attempt is started. This means students may receive a different question at this point in the quiz.

It is important make categories for your questions using the question bank if you want to create a quiz based on random selections. These categories may be defined by topic or subject matter, or be questions of a similar type, i.e. multiple-choice questions. Using categories will ensure students receive a consistent experience with the quiz.

It is also important to have more questions in a category than the number of random questions (for that category) in the quiz. For example, you might have a category "General Knowledge" that contains 20 possible questions, but in the quiz you might add five random questions from this category.

  1. Click the name of your quiz in your LEO unit.
  2. Click the Edit quiz link in the Quiz Administration menu:
    Edit Quiz link in menu
  3. Click the Add link, then choose a random question:
    Add a random question
  4. Select a category from the Category dropdown box.
  5. Choose a number of random questions that you wish to add.
  6. Click the Add random question button to finish.

You will then return to the quiz editor, where your random questions will be added to the quiz. You can click the See questions link in the random question to see all possible questions that may be chosen for this random question.

Changing the order and behaviour of questions

To learn how to reorder and shuffle questions please see LEO Guides: How to edit the layout of your quiz.

Avoid entering too much text when you are adding a matching question. This text will be available to the students in a drop-down menu, and adding a long answer can make this question type difficult to for the student to read and navigate.

For multiple choice questions with multiple correct responses, make sure that you assign negative marks to any incorrect responses, so that students are penalised for selecting the wrong answer. If you don’t do this, students could select all of the available choices and receive 100% of the available mark, even though one of the choices was incorrect.

In multiple choice questions, the incorrect responses are known as "distractors". Try to ensure that your distractors are plausible options – this can be difficult to do!

Be creative! Some question types, for example Drag and drop and Multiple choice will allow you to use images in some of the fields. Be aware that your questions will need to abide by Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, so make sure you include an image description for students who are vision impaired and may be accessing your quiz using a screen reader.

Page last updated on 19/06/2020

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