When editing your quiz and adding questions, you may need to change the order or presentation of your questions, group specific questions into a single page, or even alter the marks assigned to each question. There are a number of different functions available in the quiz editor to customise the layout and functionality.

Setting the maximum grade for the quiz

You must set the grade for this quiz in the Maximum grade text box at the top of the screen. This is the maximum achievable score for this quiz. Typically, the sum of all total marks for all questions you add should equal this maximum grade:

The maximum grade text box

Enter the maximum grade and click the Save button. Below the maximum grade setting, the Total of marks shows the current total of the marks of all questions you've added to the quiz.

Shuffling the question order

If you want the questions to be in a random order each time a student begins a quiz, check the Shuffle checkbox just below the maximum grade setting:


Different sections can be shuffled independently (see Sections information below).

Editing settings, previewing and deleting

Edit preview and delete options

For each question you may access these functions:

  1. Edit the settings of the question.
  2. Preview the question as it appears to students.
  3. Delete the question (this just removes it from the quiz, but doesn't delete it from the question bank).

Reordering questions

You can change the order of questions by clicking and dragging the question by the handle icon and dropping it in the correct place in the question order:

Question drag handle icon

This will usually place the question on the same page as another question, which can be useful if you want to group some questions together on the same page. If you need to then separate them into separate pages, use the Repaginate function.


Questions will be added to the quiz based on the settings that determines how many questions should appear on a page. If this is 1, for example, each question will be added on it's own page. However, reordering questions may place them on the same page as another quiz.

You can reset layout to have the specified number of questions per page, which is called "repaginating". To do this:

  1. Click the Repaginate button at the top of the quiz editor
  2. Specify the number of questions per page you want
  3. Click the Go button.

NOTE: Specifying the number of questions per page in the Layout section of the quiz settings will not override custom changes you make to the order of questions or number of questions per page. This allows you to create pages of questions of varying amounts (enabling you to groups common questions together). You should only repaginate the quiz if you want to reset the whole quiz to a specified number of questions per page.

Changing the maximum marks for a single question

You can change the marks for a question in your quiz without changing the settings of the question itself.

Changing the marks for a question
  1. Click the Pencil icon for that question.
  2. Type in the number of total marks you want the question to be worth
  3. Click the Enter key to save the change.

Changing the maximum marks for the question in this way will only change how many marks this question is worth in this quiz. For example, if the question settings specify this question is worth 10 marks, and you change it to 5 using the method described here, it will remain as 10 in the settings but still only be marked out of 5 for this quiz. This is a good way of customising the marks for a question as needed for this quiz while leaving the original settings intact.

How to use sections in your quiz

By default, your quiz has one unnamed section. However, you can add additional sections and name them appropriately to define the different parts of your quiz (e.g. a multiple-choice section and a short-answer section). Each section will have an individual Shuffle setting, which can enable you to have some sections of questions shuffled while others remain in the specified order.

To rename the default section and create new sections:

  1. Click the Pencil icon above the first page to edit the first section title
  2. Type in the name of this section and click the Enter key to save it:
    Editing the first quiz section
  3. Add a new section by clicking the Add link between two questions and choose a new section heading:
    The new section heading option
  4. When the section is added, click the Pencil icon to edit the name of the new section.

You may now reposition questions under this section heading to make them appear in that section. When attempting the quiz, users will see questions under a heading grouped into different sections with the heading title.

Page last updated on 19/06/2020

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