A Quiz may be comprised of several question types, some that are automatically graded, such as multiple-choice type questions, and some that must be manually graded by the tutor, such as essay type questions.

There are two ways to manually grade questions:

  • Grade all attempts for a single question
  • Manually grade an individual quiz attempt

If you wish to simply view the attempt of a student, you may click the Review attempt option for that student on the quiz Results page:

The Review Attempt link

How to grade all attempts for a single question

This option filters and displays questions that require manual grading and allows you to grade all responses to a question at the same time.

  1. Navigate to your unit in LEO, then click the link to your Quiz.
  2. In the Administration menu, click the Results link:
    Results link for quiz

The results table at the bottom of this page lists the student details and information about their attempts, and includes a summary of all questions and the grades they received.

In the following example, questions that are graded automatically have already been awarded a mark. However, no final grade has yet been awarded for the attempt, because Question 4, an Essay type question, requires manual grading before the grade can be calculated.

Table showing student attempts in rows
  1. Click the Manual Grading link under the Results menu in the Administration menu:
    Manual grading link
  2. To grade all ungraded questions, click the grade link in the To grade column for this row:
    Grade link in the question row
  3. The next page will list all student responses to this question as a list. For each response you may:
    • Add a comment to provide feedback to the student
    • Enter a mark for the response.
  4. When you have completed your marking, click the Save and Go to Next Page button to save your changes.
  5. When you've finished your manual grading, click the Results link again to return to the list of attempts.

You should see the results table updated with the grades you've entered, as well as the calculated final grade for these attempts.

You can view the whole quiz attempt for an individual student and mark all question responses if you need to, including overriding existing grades.

How to mark a whole quiz attempt

  1. Click the Results link under the Quiz Administration menu to view the results page.
  2. For the attempt you wish to mark, click the Review attempt link in the results table:
    The Review Attempt link This will display all questions and responses for this attempt by the student.
  3. For each question you wish to grade, click the Make comment or override mark link:
    The make comment or override mark link
  4. In the popup window, enter your comments into the Comment text box, and add a numeric grade into the Mark field.
  5. Scroll down and click the Save button. The popup box will close, and the review page will be reloaded with your comments and marks now included.
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the review page and click the Finish Review link.

How to mark, or override the mark of, a single question attempt

You can mark or change a single mark:

  1. Click the Results link in the Quiz Administration menu to view the results page.
  2. In the table of students attempts, click the mark you wish to edit:
    An individual mark in the results table
    A popup box will open showing the information for this individual question attempt.
  3. In the popup box, click the Make comment or override mark link.
  4. A new popup will open where you can enter your comments into the Comment text box, and add or change the mark for this question in the Mark field.
  5. Scroll down and click the Save button, and the second popup box will close.
  6. In the first popup box, scroll down and click the Close this window button to return to the results page.
  7. The results table will not automatically refresh with your changes, so click the Results link again in the Quiz Administration menu.

The Quiz activity is automatically added to the Gradebook for the unit. The grades for the quiz are automatically added to Quiz activity in the Gradebook.

To access Gradebook:

  1. Click the Grades link under the unit menu in the Navigation menu.
  2. You should see the grades awarded from the quiz appear in the column for the quiz.

Important Note: if you need to modify the results of a quiz attempt, you should do this from the Results page rather than in Gradebook, as changes you make here will not be reflected on the quiz results page.

Generating reports about Quiz results provides a range of options when gathering more information about how students have performed in a Quiz, or if further investigation is required.

The results sub menu itemsThe four sub-menu items under the Results link in the Quiz Administration menu can provide the following information about your Quiz:

  • Grades: show the quiz attempt, displaying the overall grade, and a summary of marks for each correct/incorrect answer. It also reports on the student progress through the quiz such as the time a question was started/completed and the total time the student took to complete the Quiz.
  • Responses: show all the responses students gave to quiz questions, not marks. You can also preview the text/correct answer to compare student responses.
  • Statistics: provides a statistical analysis of the quiz and questions. The report in divided into three parts:
    • Summary of the whole quiz
    • An analysis of all questions
    • A graph of the percentage of correct answered
  • Manual grading: displays essay questions to be marked by question

Generating reports and downloading a copy

  1. Under the Results menu, click on Grades, Responses or Statistics
  2. From the Download table data as dropdown box select comma separated values text file (.CSV)
  3. Click the Download button to save the file to your computer
  4. Open the report in Microsoft excel to see each student's individual results.

Note that before you download the file, you can customise the display of the columns, as well as what appears in the report:

  1. Modify the options under the What to include in the report and Display options sections as you need.
  2. Click the Show report button to update the data table.
  3. Download the report as a CSV file.
Page last updated on 19/06/2020

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