Before you start

Review the learning outcomes of the unit and ensure that the assessment task you have designed provides adequate opportunity for students to demonstrate that they have satisfied the intended learning outcomes and embedded graduate attributes.

Understanding the terms 'criteria' and 'standards'

It is important to have a clear understanding of the key terms in a rubric and what they mean. Having this knowledge will mark the task of developing a rubric easier.

The rubric may already be developed and included in your unit outline.

Key elements include:

  • Criterion: the word 'criterion' refers to a characteristic that can be judged, and should be linked to the learning outcomes of your unit.
  • Standards: the word 'standards' defines a level of achievement or attainment in a Turnitin rubric . They are also referred to as 'scales'.

Criteria and standards

Criteria and standards are intended to provide clear guidelines for the student about what they need to demonstrate in order to achieve a particular level of attainment. They can also be used by lecturers to provide feedback and mark assignments.

Criteria should be:

  • linked to learning outcomes
  • observable: describe what the student needs to demonstrate
  • descriptive: linked to learning outcomes not assessment components
  • distinctive: each criteria describes a separate aspect of the learning outcomes

In Turnitin a criteria title has limited characters and can only be one word. More descriptive information about the criteria can be added directly under the criterion title.

Rubric checklist

Whether you choose to create and add a rubric to an assignment before students submit or after, it is a good practice to check, test and revise your rubric before attaching the rubric to an assignment. Once you have started grading it is more difficult to unattach the rubric to make changes. Unattaching a rubric after you have started grading students' work will also erase any feedback which you have already entered.

Before you attach a rubric to a Turnitin assignment you should check:

  • grammatical consistency
  • check the standards and criteria
  • check the scoring or values assigned

The use of a rubric does assist with consistency between markers within a teaching team ,however it is best practice to have moderation processes in place and provide marker training.

Page last updated on 23/01/2020

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