Rubrics are created in the Turnitin assignment via the rubric manager. There are various options to attach it to a Turnitin assignment these can include before your students submit their assignment, and after students submit.It is best practice to have the rubric available for your students prior to their assignment submission.

Before students submit

You can create and attach a rubric to a Turnitin assignment via the Turnitin assignment settings. To do this scroll down to the GradeMark Options and click on ''Launch Rubric Manager'.

  1. To Create a rubric, click on 'Launch Rubric Manager' link
  2. To attach an existing Turnitin rubric, click on the drop down menu to locate and attach the rubric to the assignment.

This will state 'no rubric' by default which means no current rubric is attached to the assignment. If a rubric is attached you will see the title of the rubric or it will state 'rubric belongs to another teacher'. If this is the case and you choose to proceed despite this warning, the previously attached rubric will be removed and ;any marking or feedback previously provided will be lost.

launch rubric cog icon

After students submit

You are able to attach a rubric to a Turnitin assignment after your students have submitted their assignments.

Turnitin rubric drop down menu
  1. To attach a rubric, open the student submission and select the Rubric icon in the side panel. If its states 'no rubric or grading form is attached to this assignment'. Click on the cog icon to access the rubric manager
  2. Select upload (existing rubric in your library); create rubric (to create from scratch) or duplicate (to create a copy of an existing rubric and edit) from the drop down menu
  3. Select the radio button next to 'attach to assignment' to 'ON" and click the 'close' button to save.

Detach rubric

If you open a student submission to start marking with a rubric, then realise the wrong rubric has been applied, you can still change it, however, any grading already completed will be lost.

If a rubric is detached during the marking process, an alert message will appear. If you proceed despite the warning any grading already completed will be lost.

Detach rubric warning

IMPORTANT: Lost grading will affect ALL students across the whole assignment . These cannot be restored.

Page last updated on 23/01/2020

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