QuickMarks are commonly used editing marks to provide feedback to students. These help speed up the process of adding similar comments to multiple assignments.

The GradeMark system automatically provides five QuickMark sets consisting of commonly used standard corrections, these include:

  • Commonly used
  • Composition
  • Format
  • Punctuation
  • Usage

Each of the sets includes standard text which cannot be changed however lecturers can choose to add additional comments to predefined sets or create their own sets and marks.

How to access and use predefined QuickMark's

To add an existing predefined QuickMark comment select the blue feedback summary area and click on the tick box icon 'QuickMarks'. Alternatively select a location in the student assignment and select the tick box option.

  1. By default QuickMarks default to 'commonly used' to choose another QuickMark set click on the drop down menu..
  2. Move your cursor over the comments included in the set, the content of each comment will appear at the bottom of the page.
  3. Click and drag a predefined comment to a location on the student paper.
  4. Click away to Save;
  5. A bubble icon will appear in the student assessment document with the key words displayed as well as your initials.
  6. Click on the comment to read. The content of the comment will appear as a pop-up, click away to close
  7. To delete a QuickMark comment, click on the comment and select the trash icon.
  8. To move a comment hover cursor over the comment and move to a new location.

How to add additional comments to a predefined QuickMark

QuickMark predefined comments cannot be edited, however additional comments can be added via the 'additional comments' option.

Associate a comment with a rubric

If a rubric is attached to your assignment you can also associate a comment with a rubric criterion by clicking on the 'Associate a criterion' dropdown menu.


Create and add your own comments to an existing QuickMark set

As you are marking students work you might like to add your own comments to QuickMark for a specific purpose.

  1. Ensure the Bubble comment icon is turned on in the top right of GradeMark
  2. Drag comment button to a location in the student assignment or click on a location in the student assignment for the comment button to appear
  3. In the comment box enter text
  4. Click on the link 'Save as a new QuickMark"
  5. Add a title for your comment and under 'set' choose a set to add your comment to
  6. Click 'Save'

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