Each meeting room you create in Zoom, including your Personal Meeting Room, has a unique web address that can be used by participants to enter the room. You can retrieve this information from the Zoom app and put this into your LEO unit to create a link for students to quickly access the room.

You can use your Personal Meeting Room for any online session you wish to host. You do not need to make a new meeting for every unit you teach in, though if you need to make a new meeting, you can create one using the Zoom app or the ACU Zoom website.

How to add meeting room information into LEO

  1. Open your LEO unit, turn editing on, and go to the place where you want to add the meeting information and add a new Label.
  2. Add a heading and any information about your tutorials. Do not save yet just leave the tab open.
  3. You will need the information from your Zoom invitation text which contains your web link as well as the phone information. To find the invitation text:
    1. In the the Zoom app, select the Meetings tab, select your meeting from the list, and click Copy invitation:

      Zoom app meetings copy invitation
    2. In a web browser, log in to https://acu.zoom.us/ click on Meetings, click on Personal Meeting Room and then click Copy the invitation:
      Zoom web meetings pmr copy invitation
  4. Paste the invitation text into your label in LEO.
  5. Edit the invitation text so that it only contains the information relevant for students. Delete the parts about joining from a H.323 SIP room system or Skype for business, for example:
    Zoom invite text with relevant parts identified
  6. Turn the URL into a link by selecting the link text, copying it, then clicking on the link icon and pasting it into the Link URL field:
    Make the zoom url a link
  7. Click on Save and return to unit. You should now see the invitation text in the unit:

    Zoom added manually to a LEO unit
  8. You may also choose to email this information to students if you wish.
Page last updated on 03/04/2020

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