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Zoom meetings at ACU have default settings that will suit most teaching staff. As Zoom is new to ACU these may change from time to time as we learn more about the ways that teaching staff use Zoom. If you do need to change them, there are several settings that you can configure, so that your personal meetings that you use for tutorials are more functional for you. Keep in mind that security is one aspect of running online meetings and check out our Tips for security in Zoom.

File sharing

File sharing has been turned off as a default, to minimise the risk of malware being shared. If you need to share files with your students, you can turn this feature on for your future meetings by:

  1. Logging in to ACU Zoom in a browser
    log in to Zoom
  2. Going to Settings / In a meeting (Basic)
  3. Changing the File transfer slider to 'on'.

From now on you and your students will be able to see the File option at the bottom of the Chat window.

Page last updated on 23/07/2020

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