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Communication with students

Communication with students is key to online learning. See our advice on asynchronous communication with students in LEO.


If you are still able to attend your normal, timetabled lecture space and time, your lectures will be streamed and recorded using the current set up.

If appropriate, you may be able to use the lecture recordings from a previous year. You will need to find the link to the recording and make it available in your current LEO unit.

Face-to-face lectures can be replaced with recorded online versions using a variety of tools:

  • Echo360 Universal Capture
  • Kaltura Capture
  • Other tools such as Zoom, Teams and various desktop software can be used to record content. Use the tool you feel most comfortable with, then make it available to your students by uploading the video file into Kaltura or Echo360.

Considerations for recording content:

  • Chunk your content. Keep recordings short (under 10 minutes)
  • Script your recordings and make this script available to students
  • After a recording, create an activity to allow students to digest the content such as:


Synchronous tutorials can be done online through a number of tools:

Which software should I use?

  • Adobe Connect - if you have used Adobe Connect in the past and are comfortable with it.
  • Zoom/Teams - You can choose which one to use. ACU have purchased a site licence for Zoom and it has been integrated with your ACU login. You can sign in at There are guides to accessing Zoom in the Service Central Knowledge Base and How to use Zoom on the LEO Guides: Zoom page. IT also have information about how to use Teams.

Communication between students

The Adobe Connect External Tool activity allows students to create their own online study groups.

LEO Forums can be used for asynchronous student-student communication


Please follow your faculty advice on assessment. We have some webinars running to assist with any possible transition to online. Please download the Modifications to Assessment Tasks form to get you started.

Check out resources developed by the Learning and Teaching Centre on Technology enhanced assessment.

Case studies

See some examples of blended and fully online learning case studies from around the university.

Additional resources

Netiquette for staff and students

How to prepare tutorials for online

In addition to the resources above, below are some eLearning101 recordings that may be useful.

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