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study group(From left) Research Officers, Chris Rosentreter, Toowoomba Diocese Research Officer; John Kennedy, Rockhampton Diocese Research Officer; Dr Joy Kennedy, Project leader for the Queensland Catholic Education Commission/ACU Research Project; Eileen Lande, Cairns Diocese Research Officer; Therese Nolan, Brisbane Diocese Research Officer.

Research looks at the schools parents choose

Dr Joy Kennedy, senior education lecturer at ACU's Brisbane Campus, is set to discover the factors which determine how parents choose schools for their children.  

The research was commissioned after the Queensland Catholic Education Commission (QCEC) discovered that only one third of Catholic low-income earners are currently sending their children to Catholic schools.  Researchers hope to gain a better understanding of both parents and students needs when it comes to schooling, and will offer recommendations to improve Catholic education in Queensland.

"Our initial research showed a significant change in the nature of students attending Catholic schools in Queensland in recent times," said Dr Kennedy. "Therefore, our current research hopes to identify the predominant factors which influence a parents choice of school for their children."

"We are interested in surveying parents who are in the process of choosing a school for their children, particularly parents of students in year 7 and pre-school aged children," she said. "The research will involve a mixed-method approach to data collection, with the use of quantitative surveys and qualitative interviews."

If you would like to take part in the anonymous survey, please contact research officer, Theresa Nolan on Theresa.nolan@acu.edu.au

The research project is due for completion in March 2010 and is jointly commissioned by QCEC and the Bishops of Queensland.