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A KellyProfessor Anthony Kelly CCsR

60 seconds- Professor Tony Kelly CSsR

Professor Anthony Kelly CSsR is a Lecturer in Theology at the University's Canberra Campus and the Deputy Director of the Institute of Catholic Identity and Mission.

How would I spend my ideal day?

At different times, it has happened: a quiet meditative walk along the beach in the morning, then a couple of hours of writing, with Beethoven or Mozart in the background,  a relaxed afternoon of walking or going for a swim, a meal with friends and then quiet time of giving thanks for it all!

In life I have learnt…

No one thanks you for getting overstressed or worn out: the best contribution we can make to others is to be a hopeful self showing a sense of humour and proportion!

Something that inspires me...

I like big international crowds in St Peter's in Rome, singing and manifesting their faith and enthusiasm.

At the other end of the scale, I am always impressed by the friendliness and good spirits of my ACU colleagues on the three campuses where I have worked.

What would surprise most people about my job?

That I like it - putting all those years, teaching and writing, into theological reflection. Also, that I think that it really matters, and gives you at least some familiarity with most of the disciplines that throw light on human culture.

What has been the most significant development in my field since starting my career?

The electronics!  When we were young, there were no computers, no copying machines, faxes, and so on.  It was a labour to write a doctoral thesis in those days!  The developments have brought a great sense of being in touch, and having wonderful resources at hand.

If I could invite any five people to dinner, who would they be and why?

Cardinal Newman, since so much of what he predicted is proving true; Catherine of Sienna, she was such a lively presence in the Church of her day; I think I would also include Teresa of Avila, a woman of extraordinary wisdom and common sense; Vaclev Havel, the former Czech President and playwright - such a splendid figure as the Soviet empire was collapsing; And, Beethoven, if he wasn't too deaf at the time.