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NualaNuala Davis

60 seconds with Nuala Davis

Nuala Davis is the Director of University Relations and is based at the North Sydney Campus (MacKillop).

How would I spend my ideal day?

Some sort of exercise early in the morning when the light is fantastic and the world is coming to life - definitely done outside.  This is my time for reflection.  I'll be a happy bunny if somewhere during the day I've spent time with people that are special to me, learnt something, had time to read and listened to some classical music, had a laugh or two and finished up cooking/sharing a yummy meal with a good glass of vino.

In life I have learnt…

Not to take things too seriously. The sun always comes up the next day.

Something that inspires me...

There are many things that inspire me ... they often make me feel I can climb a mountain or move me to tears.  Inspiration comes from the most unexpected people and places.

What would surprise most people about my job?

How I still jump out of bed most mornings because I love what I do.  I stumbled into my profession and have been so lucky to work with some of the best people in the industry … and now at ACU.

What has been the most significant development in my field since starting my career?

As Professor Tony Kelly said in the last 60 seconds, the innovation and pace of technology is profound for us all.  The result is that we live in an instantaneous global world and the speed of information transfer and accessibility will only increase.  This creates significant challenges for people in my profession.

If I could invite any five people to dinner, who would they be and why?

They'd all be old mates from different walks of life.  Some would be considered publicly high profile, but most are everyday people.  Despite our different backgrounds we all share common traits of being trustworthy, smart, honest, a great sense of humour and enjoy the pleasure of sharing a good meal with people we love.

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