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ACU Student’s Great American Road Trip for Getaway

Road trip lrgKatie Duncan driving the campervan

Getting paid to travel is a dream for plenty of young people, but it’s not one that often comes true.
However it did for Katie Duncan, an exercise science student at ACU’s Melbourne Campus. The 22-year-old recently spent three weeks in a campervan with three strangers for the TV program Getaway – on a road trip from Chicago to New Orleans which crossed six states and 2400km.

The first of six segments of Getaway’s American Road Trip aired last week, and Katie said it has been an amazing experience.

“I am extremely excited about being on Getaway,” she said. “It was such a fantastic and unique experience being on an overseas trip with complete strangers, exploring a country that I had never been to, all with a camera crew following us around. I’m really looking forward to sharing the trip with everyone through the show.”

The program features the four people who are complete strangers, aged between 18 and 25-years old, travelling across the United States in a campervan, enjoying all that the trip had to offer while a film crew documented their adventures.

Katie said getting to know her fellow travellers was the highlight of the trip.

“The more we got to know each other and feel comfortable, the more we were able to be ourselves and really get involved in all the activities on the trip,

“Chicago really stood out to me, it is the most stunning place I have ever seen and somewhere I would love revisit. The view of the city over Lake Michigan from the Planetarium is a personal favourite!

“New Orleans, renowned for its jazz, was also a highlight. The 24-hour live entertainment on Bourbon Street was very impressive and the energy put into every live performance is unlike anything I have seen in Australia.”

The trip was held on the mid-semester break between June and July, so Katie was able to work her studies around the trip.

Katie is completing a Bachelor of Exercise Science. “Exercise science was an ideal choice for me as it was a course that allows me to branch out to the different areas I was interested in such as PE teaching, paramedicine, physiotherapy and exercise rehabilitation,

“It was a great decision to study at ACU… the advantage of having lecturers that know you by name is quite unique.”

The series premiered on Thursday, October 21 at 7.30pm, and will be showing at the same time over the next five weeks.