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New Directorate at ACU 

ACU Corporate, The Centre for Professional and Executive Education, has recently opened at ACU.

Based at the North Sydney Campus, the new directorate will assist organisations with their business issues, by utilising the skills of staff across all campuses of the University.

“In today’s competitive environments, organisations are faced with significant profit pressures from government regulation, changing consumer needs, nimble competitors, staff engagement – to name just a few,” said Tom Ristoski, Director of ACU Corporate.

“Consistently, executives across all industries say that business is harder today than it ever was. They are looking for ways to improve their business to get better results and ACU Corporate can provide that service.

“When a client engages ACU Corporate, they expect a measureable improvement in terms of business outcomes. As such, we typically begin by understanding what the client wants to achieve and where they are at now.

“Presently, we are developing a program for the CEO and his top team at a large insurance company.

“Executive education is the toughest classroom there is, not just because time-pressed and demanding executives challenge the professors, but they also challenge each other just as much.”

To find out more about ACU Corporate, please email Tom Ristoski at tom.ristoski@acu.edu.au