Traineeships are a way to study for a nationally recognised qualification such as a certificate or a diploma while working in a job. Traineeships can be full-time, part-time or school-based and offer benefits which include:

  • The ability to work and earn money while you're getting a qualification
  • A nationally recognised qualification on completion of training
  • A mix of classroom or workshop learning (off-job) and practical (on-job) learning
  • Real life experience in the workplace.

Traineeships allow ACU to engage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples at the entry-level of employment while assisting to provide the necessary skills to pursue a valuable career.

Staff in a traineeship will:

  • Be provided with a full range of work experiences required to develop the skills and knowledge needed on the job.
  • Have a manager or supervisor who will provide for on-the-job assessment processes and work experience to ensure progress in the traineeship is assured.
  • Have access to on and off-the-job training in accordance with the traineeship.
  • Have regular contact with the Manager, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employment during the first three months and then ongoing support and assistance, as is provided to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff.
  • Be provided with a culturally safe work environment.
  • Have the opportunity to participate in ACU's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Staff Network and other activities.

Some of the areas that a traineeship may apply at ACU:

  • Library
  • Administration
  • Laboratories
  • Maintenance
  • Information technology
  • Student Contact Centres
  • Reception
  • Finance and more

Managers and supervisors can learn more about creating traineeships by viewing the recruiting guide.

Page last updated on 21/07/2023

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