Shae CubilloACU’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Awareness Workshops are conducted annually during November and December to suit staff availability. If this timing does not suit you or if you believe that your area would benefit from a tailored workshop contact the Manager, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employment for more information.

The workshops are highly interactive and are facilitated by the Manager Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employment and staff from the local Indigenous Higher Education Units. They provide participants with an opportunity to develop a greater understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ways and perspectives. This is particularly useful for those who are interacting with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, colleagues and community.

Each campus invites Local Elder participation in the knowledge sharing, the success of this was reflected in a comment from a participant of last year’s workshop:  “It was an exceptionally valuable experience hearing from guest speakers (esp. Aunty Ruth). I would like to hear more.”

Participation in Cultural Awareness Workshops provides an opportunity to appreciate the ways that kinship and community have significance in everyday life of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff and students. The workshop covers the following topics and activities that help facilitate a culturally inclusive and safe space:

  • Defining cultural awareness in our workplace
  • Cultural appreciation and cultural perspectives
  • Culture, kinship and community and our workplace
  • How Government policy and legislation has shaped contemporary culture
  • Exploring ways forward
Page last updated on 23/01/2020

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