Student Profile Overview

The first module to be released was the Student Profile Overview. This module draws together a range of student information, including student photos, contact information, course and subject enrolments and applications to graduate into a single page. This page also has links to key Student Connect pages, particularly the Student Results Summary.

Results Entry

A significantly improved Results Entry module was released in April 2017, replacing the previous 'Final Grades' page. This module retains the one-student-at-a-time functionality, but also allows the bulk upload of results from an Excel spreadsheet and the export of class lists. This bulk upload function has a robust validation process, and allows for much faster and more accurate results entry.

This page also includes an overview of basic subject and student information, and direct links to the Student Profile Overview from the class list.

Further information, including a step-by-step guide to preparing and uploading results spreadsheets, can be found in the Results Entry Training Guide.

Menu Refresh

In mid-2018, the menu structure and labelling on Student Connect for staff were revised to:

  • group the various report types more logically
  • ensure consistency with ACU naming conventions (eg consistently using the term 'unit', rather than ‘subject’ or ‘course’)
  • add descriptions to clarify the functions of the various reports.

On 8 April 2019, Banner Administration forms were upgraded to Banner 9..

Banner is now accessible:

  • on and off-campus
  • via mac and pc
  • from all major browsers (except Internet Explorer)

It is also easier to navigate: pages are now accessible by searching for the existing 7-letter code (eg SPAIDEN) or the description (eg General Person Identification), and will no longer require the use of function keys.

This upgrade lays the foundation for a range of further improvements, including a more guided enrolment experience.

User guides, videos and other training material are available on the Banner Resources page.

The Banner Document Management System replaced ZyLAB in 2017. The system enabled Banner reports to be stored automatically in an indexed repository for easy access and retrieval. The system also allows for documents and forms produced outside of Banner to be stored.

The 3.2 million pages currently stored in ZyLAB have been transferred to BDM, consolidating them in to single searchable archive.

BDM has several advantages over the current system:

  • it has a more accurate and more detailed indexing system, allowing easier and quicker location and retrieval of archived documents
  • it is fully integrated with Banner, so documents can be archived, or retrieved, directly from Banner
  • it can archive electronic documents as well as scanned hard copies, which has the potential to save significant amounts of time and paper

Find out more about BDM.

Page last updated on 30/08/2020

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