What is Course Progression?

Course Progression is a web-based planning tool that works with Banner to help students and Course Coordinators monitor student's progress toward degree completion. Course Progression automatically retrieves the students’ academic data from Banner and organises it into a work plan on the web, easily identifying program requirements; which units have been completed; and which units the student still needs in order to complete their degree.

It provides a more accessible, convenient, and organised way for students to know where they are academically and how they can plan towards course completion. Students may avoid wasting time and money as course requirements will be clearly laid out and they are less likely to enrol in unnecessary or incorrect Units.

Course Progression is not a substitution for consultation with Course Coordinators.

What are the benefits of using Course Progression?

Course Progression is an advisory tool which will produce an easy to read and user-friendly degree worksheet. This will give students and advisors better information in selecting coursework and understanding degree requirements.

How will this system improve the way Faculties currently provide course progression advice to students?

The software will allow a more precise snapshot of student progress in terms of completed and in-progress units. Faculty staff can advise quickly the units required to complete the degree.

Course Coordinators are able to enter notes into a students’ Course Progression record, which will provide background information on interaction/advice/approvals processed in Course Progression.

Who can use Course Progression?

Course Coordinators and Course Administrators should use the system as an advisory tool to better follow the students’ progress and determine which requirements are still needed. The system can track historical notations on the students’ record regarding advice given and substitutions applied.

Students will be able to use Course Progression to track their progress and check what requirements they still have to complete.

AskACU staff have access to view student records and assist with basic enquiries.

Enrolments, Scholarships and Fees (ES&F) staff have access to review any student enrolment enquiry including the processing of substitutions as requested by Course Coordinators (submit a request via Service Central

Faculty Managers, administrative staff and other relevant University staff may use the software as an advisory tool.

The Course Progression Team (CP Team) within the Information Resource Management Section is responsible for entering all course rule data into Course Progression. The CP Team can also provide advice on relevant substitutions, if required, to the ES&F staff.

How will students access Course Progression?

Students access Course Progression via Student Connect; separate login details not required.

What courses are available in Course Progression?

For further information regarding available courses in Course Progression, please submit a Service Central request.

Which students display in Course Progression?

Course Progression imports current (active) student data from Banner.

All available courses from 2013 onwards, will appear in Course Progression. For further information regarding available courses and Academic Years, please submit a Service Central request.

Why are students appearing in Course Progression who are not enrolled?

An applicant becomes a student of the University (receives a student number), once they have accepted their offer of a place.

All students are "active" for the particular Academic Year (e.g. 2014) from the date of acceptance, and remain "active" in Banner for 2 years regardless of whether they enrol in any units during that time.

If no enrolment occurs within the 2 year timeframe (e.g. 2014-2015), the student record will become "inactive" and will no longer display in Course Progression.

Will all students be able to use Course Progression?

No. Any student with an Academic Year prior to 2013 will not be unable to use Course Progression. For further information regarding available courses and Academic Years, please submit a Service Connect request.

Is information contained in the Course Progression software confidential?

Yes. All student information is strictly confidential and adheres to University regulations. Keep your Course Progression login information secure.

When should I use Course Progression?

Use the Course Progression software worksheet when:

  • reviewing progress with a student,
  • advising students on enrolling in Units,
  • reviewing credit granted,
  • assessing and applying exceptions.

Is Course Progression the same as an academic transcript?

No. This is an unofficial worksheet of a students' progress, and an outline of requirements still needed to complete the relevant program of study.

If all of the boxes are checked, does that mean the student is approved to graduate?

No, Course Progression is an advisory and planning tool only. The worksheet is not an official academic transcript.

In the instance where a student record shows less than 100% complete in Course Progression, check for units sitting in Fallthrough as units may require credit.  Direct these queries to ES&F.

If the course is complete and credit is granted Course Progression data updates accordingly. Note: this will not disqualify the student from course completion.

It is the students’ responsibility to work with the Course Coordinator to review degree progress and verify the accuracy of the worksheet.

Students need to apply to graduate as per existing current processes.

Can students enrol using Course Progression?

No. Course Progression is a snapshot of academic history and courses in-progress. Enrolments and amendments to enrolments are still handled through Student Connect.

Can students change a major through Course Progression?

No. Students must follow the process outlined in the Enrolments Section web site for information on Selecting your Major.

Are grades visible in Course Progression?

Yes. Grades are available to view in Course Progression shortly after Grade release. The unit then appears as complete. Click on the Last Refresh and Process New buttons to see the most up-to-date data.

How can I tell how many units a student has left to fulfil course requirements?

Course Progression displays in block format for all course/major requirement information. "In-Progress" (enrolled) units are blue. Red unticked boxes identify requirements that still need completion.

I have recently become a Course Coordinator - how can I get access to Course Progression?

Your Faculty Manager should send an access request via Service Central.

How do I access Course Progression?

Once you have access, login to Student Connect to access Course Progression.

Which internet browser works best with Course Progression?

We recommend using the following internet browsers for Course Progression: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Can I access Course Progression on a Mac/iOS computer?

Yes. We recommend using the following internet browsers for Course Progression: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

If there are any issues, try an alternative browser to the one you are using. If you still experience problems, submit your issue via Service Central.

Can I access Course Progression from locations outside the University (e.g. from home)?

Yes. Course Progression is accessible from all locations via Student Connect.

What is a worksheet?

A worksheet was previously known as an audit.

Worksheets provide unit and structure information of a course as per the Handbook course rules for that particular year.

The worksheet will list completed and outstanding units as a way to track and monitor progress.

What is "Fallthrough: units undertaken outside the approved degree structure"?

Fallthrough contains enrolled or completed units that do not meet any of the course requirements in the course rules.
Units show in Fallthrough for various reasons, such as:-

  • the student has not nominated a Major in Student Connect - once a Major is nominated, all Units related to that Major will apply.
  • the student has transferred or deferred and their Academic Year is incorrect –Course Progression will apply course rules from the student’s previous course or admission year.
  • if the student has had an interruption to study, the course rules may have changed.
  • unspecified credit, block credit approved but not applied (submit your request via Service Central).

What is "Not Counted"?

Not Counted refers to all units completed prior to the Academic Year of the current course. Not Counted may include credit approved over and above the maximum limit allowable.

Units granted credit will also sit in Not Counted. The credited units will apply to the worksheet.

Will withdrawn units display on the student worksheet?

Yes. Withdrawn units appear under "Insufficient" in the notifications section at the bottom of the worksheet.

If I think the information on a student worksheet is incorrect, what should I do?

Ensure you are viewing the latest course and student data by refreshing the worksheet (click on the “Refresh” button then “Process New”).

If this does not resolve the issue, check that the course rules information in Course Progression is correct against the Handbook for the Academic Year shown.

For any issues, or if the problem is not resolved, submit a request via Service Central.

Can I save or print a worksheet?

Yes. You can 'Save as PDF', then print as usual.

Everything on the worksheet is checked, but the Credit Points progress bar only shows 97% done. Why?

The degree progress bar will not show 100% completion until all "In-Progress" units are successfully completed.

The student states that they have nominated a Major, but it is not showing in Course Progression. What should I do?

All student data imports from Banner once a week (Sunday). Refresh the data ("Refresh" then "Process New" buttons) to ensure the most up-to-date information being displayed.

If the student nominated a Major in Banner and it is not showing in Course Progression you should direct them to check Student Connect or discuss this with AskACU.

How will the system show us if students are not complying with the course rules?

Features of the worksheet allow you to see how students are progressing towards completing the course requirements.

Any unit enrolled in or completed that is not part of the course rules will not count towards progression, and will display in the notifications section at the bottom of the screen. These units will appear under “Fallthrough: units undertaken outside the approved degree structure” or “Not Counted”.

Does the information in Course Progression replicate the information provided in the Course Enrolment Guide?

No. Course Progression contains only course rules formally approved through Academic Board and published in the Handbook per Academic Year.

Can co-requisites/pre-requisites be added in so that students can go through the correct course progression?

Co-requisites and pre-requisites are not turned on in Banner and therefore do not appear in Course Progression.

For some of our courses there are several different versions of the course rules that apply depending on the student's year of enrolment. Will the variations in the course rules apply accordingly in Course Progression?

Yes. Course Progression contains blocks of data for every year that a course has been available (post-2013, and from the year of release in Course Progression rollout).

If there are various iterations of the course rules these will apply based on the students’ Academic Year.

How can I get units in "Fallthrough" or "Not Counted" applied to a students' progress?

Units listed in “Fallthrough - units undertaken outside approved course structure” can apply to the students’ course progression through Substitutions.

Submit a request via Service Central, for processing by ES&F.

Units listed in “Not Counted” are units undertaken in a previous degree and require an application for credit to apply to the students’ course progression. Discuss with ES&F (enrolments@acu.edu.au) for further information.

I have identified a unit that I wish to apply to a block of credit for all students, how do I go about this?

Discuss any credit issues with ES&F (enrolments@acu.edu.au).

What does the Academic Year field mean?

The Academic Year data is the students’ Catalogue Term (year of commencement) imported from Banner. The academic year determines the applicable course rules. If a student has deferred or transferred courses since commencement, their Academic Year may be incorrect in Banner. To rectify any errors contact ES&F (enrolments@acu.edu.au) or Admissions (admissions@acu.edu.au).

When I search for information on a particular cohort, I have noticed there are students missing. Why, and what can I do?

Confirm the student's Academic Year is correct in Banner. To rectify errors contact ES&F (enrolments@acu.edu.au) or Admissions (admissions@acu.edu.au). Once corrected in Banner, refresh the student worksheet in Course Progression (click "Refresh" then "Process New") to view the update.

If the issue is not resolved, submit a request via Service Central.

Is Course Progression training available?

Yes. To request training please complete our new Course Progression Training Video .

For further information submit a request via Service Central.

What if information in Course Progression isn't up to date?

Currently, data is refreshes from Banner on a weekly basis (Sunday). The frequency of the data refresh may increase as operationally required and/or at peak periods.

In the first instance, to refresh the student record (“Refresh” then “Process New”).

If the issue is Handbook related, e.g. a discontinued unit still displays in Course Progression, please discuss with your Faculty Executive Officer.

If this does not correct the issue, please submit a request via Service Central.

I have additional questions about Course Progression, who do i contact?

Submit a Service Central request for feedback or general enquiries.

Page last updated on 03/02/2020

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