Creating Respectful Workplaces

About the Session

Creating Respectful Workplaces is a gender based violence prevention program developed by Griffith University and facilitated by accredited ACU staff. Violence is pervasive and increasing at alarming rates in Australia. As a program we believe the challenge of change is a personal one. Motivating Action Through Empowerment (MATE) is a leadership focused primary prevention program that aims to make the complicated and diverse issues of violence accessible to the general population by engaging participants in discussion not only about abusive behaviour but also about the ways we create a culture that nurtures gender inequality. MATE seeks to challenge the root attitudes, beliefs and behaviours that normalise harmful and abusive behaviour. As a program, we want people to think about and understand why they think the way they do and challenge them to consider the impact of those deeply entrenched belief systems. MATE believes it is critical to facilitate an open and honest discussion about issues that most participants have rarely discussed in a safe, educational setting. Ultimately, we want to motivate and empower people with the skills to make a real difference in their communities and this workshop sets out to achieve that. This 4 hour workshop will cover:

  • recognising problematic situations
  • increasing awareness around the ways in which abusive behaviour is embedded in our culture
  • the root attitudes, beliefs and behaviours that normalise violence against women, inequality, racism, discrimination and bullying within our society
  • what is the ‘bystander effect’ and why we hesitate in intervening
  • understanding the ways we can intervene
  • assessing risk and context in a situation
  • intention vs. Impact
  • the importance of ‘being someone who does something’ and the consequences when we don’t intervene.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding root attitudes, beliefs and behaviours that normalise violence against women, inequality, racism, discrimination and bullying within our society;
  • Building on your understanding their own hesitations in intervening when they see problematic behaviour/violence/someone needing help;
  • Feeling more empowered to intervene in situations;
  • Understanding different ways of intervening and recognising that intervening does not always need to consist of getting directly involved.

Who is this session for?

All Staff

CDF Competencies

  • Live ACU’s Mission, Vision and Values


Internal accredited ACU staff


28 September 2023


10am to 2:30pm

Delivery Mode

Virtual Webinar

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Course code: 20382
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