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Delegate: Engage and Empower People

Delegating work enables leaders to build team capacity and achieve results. So why aren’t we delegating more, and more often? This course sets out to help leaders shift their mindset about what they can delegate and feel more comfortable and confident doing so. Learners dig into their workload to identify tasks they’d never consider delegating using methods for matching people to tasks they’re both motivated and capable of doing. There will be opportunity to practice the delegation conversation to ensure success.

You will learn to:

  • Challenge yourselves to delegate work that you wouldn’t have before.
  • Identify tasks to delegate that engage, empower, and develop your team.
  • Match a person’s capabilities and motivations to an appropriate task.
  • Share work that extends the right amount of ownership and decision-making authority.
  • Establish clear boundaries, support, and follow-up with each delegation.

Who is this session for?


CDF Competencies

  • Adapt to and Lead Change (LVL 2)
  • Collaborate Effectively
  • Coach and Develop (LVL 2)
  • Live ACU’s Mission, Vision and Values
  • Make Informed Decisions (LVL 2)
  • Communicate with Impact


Raneen Shakur

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